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10 great technical gift ideas for vacations under $ 100

Set up your family with portable action cameras to capture great moments. They are usually weatherproof and can be attached to almost anything, making it the perfect gift. For camera enthusiasts and video addicts, there are a few that you can earn for $ 100.

GoPro Hero Session has been certified refurbished. It is designed for extreme things and is therefore waterproof up to 10 m, compact in size, lightweight, easy-to-use one-button functionality and of course excellent results at 1440, 1080 and 720 pixels!

YI Lite is another action camera with a Sony IMX206 image sensor, 2-inch LCD touchscreen, 2 hours of battery life with 5G dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1

technology. It is a handy device if action is the game.

Cyclops Gear is waterproof to 10 m, WiFi is enabled with 2 ″ capacitive touchscreen and fish-eye 170 degree field of view. Record 4K HD video & # 39; s and use the dedicated app for easy sharing on iOS or Android devices.

Slightly out of reach, but if you can't afford much money, Xiaomi Mijia is another fantastic option for a compact action camera [19659003]

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