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10 great VR games to practice – check out Geek

  VR exercise
Bolverk Games, SUPERHOT team, Beat Games

We can't always go out or go to the gym to get our training quota for the day. But that doesn't mean there's no way to finish your workout at home, and if you have a VR headset lying around it can open the door to some great workout options.

When selecting games for this list, we only cared about one thing: that these games make your heart beat and pump blood. Of course, things like a fun presentation and fun gameplay also go a long way in making your workout more enjoyable.

So let's get started.

Slice Through the Rhythm: BeatSaber (PC / Quest / PSVR)

Beat Games

If you have heard of any of the titles on this list, it was probably BeatSaber. This game took over the VR world with its simple yet attractive premise: "What if Guitar Hero, but lightsabers?"

You have to cut through colored blocks at high speed, and with hundreds of levels created by developers and communities, there is an almost endless amount of content you can work through. When you first start out, the fast traffic needed for harder songs may not feel possible, but as you continue to play you will improve and finish songs that once had a hard time.

BeatSaber is available on PC, Oculus Quest and PSVR.

Mario Kart Track Meet: Sprint Vector (PC / PSVR)

  Sprint Vector

If you don't have a treadmill at your disposal and don't want to go out in the heat, running can be one of the more difficult exercises are to do. Sprint Vector however, solves that problem. Here you go through fantastic courses where you throw items at your enemies to win the race. You run in place and move your arms to use different items. This is a competitive online game (there is also a player against bots), so your desire to beat your opponents can motivate you to really get better.

Sprint Vector is available on PC and PSVR. [19659006] Enough punching: BOXVR (PC / Quest / PSVR)


Another rhythm game, except this time you use your fists to move to the beat. As with BeatSaber, you bump in different directions to match the blocks that fly to your face. However, BOXVR is more focused on being a training tool than BeatSaber – it even has a tracker for the number of calories you have burned. available on PC, Oculus Quest and PSVR.

Some Realistic Punching: Creed: Rise to Glory (PC / PSVR)

  Creed: Rise to Glory

You may prefer something more realistic than the colorful BOXVR, if so, Creed: Rise to Glory should meet that need. In Creed, you are confronted with real icons of the boxing ring. Dodge, punch, and emerge champion as you work up a sweat.

Creed: Rise to Glory is available on PC and PSVR.

Move to the Beat: Synth Riders (PC / Quest)

  Synth Riders
Kluge Interactive

Synth Riders may look like another rhythm game in the spirit of BeatSaber, but this one puts more emphasis on the actual music – it is a dance game. You move your hands according to the markings on the track and who knows, maybe you pick up a few moves along the way. And just like BeatSaber, you can download user-made songs to further improve your playing time.

Synth Riders is available on PC and Oculus Quest.

Hole in the Wall: OhShape (PC / Quest)

Odders Lab

Most of the games we've discussed here focus on moving your arms and hands, which makes sense, because that's what VR is best at (currently). OhShape however knows how to get your whole body moving. Colorful walls fly at you and you have to move your whole body to fit the shape in the wall. Although this is not very intense at lower levels of difficulty, you will certainly get good training at higher speeds.

OhShape is available on PC and Oculus Quest.

Racquetball Breakout: Racket NX (PC / Quest)

  Racquet NX
One Hamsa

Racquetball is already a pretty good training in real life, but Racket NX sneaks into some more arcade-like elements for a fun twist. You have to accurately aim your shots to hit tiles for points. A competitive multiplayer mode even allows you to compete against a friend or stranger to encourage you to go even faster.

Racket NX is available on PC and Oculus Quest.

You Are A Pirate: Space Pirate Trainer (PC / Quest)

  Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is just a simple wave shooter with a sci- fi setting but that doesn't mute how cool you feel playing it. Robot drones are attacking you in increasing numbers, and you have to dodge their attacks, block their shots and shoot back with your own shots – all while listening to great techno music.

Space Pirate Trainer is available on PC, Oculus Quest and PSVR.

Master of Time: SUPERHOT (PC / Quest / PSVR)


SUPERHOT has managed to become one of the more iconic VR games and it's easy to see why. Not only does it have a clean, unique art style, but it also has one of the biggest gameplay twists in the FPS genre. Time only moves if you do in SUPERHOT, which means you can slowly get out of the way of frozen bullets, catch shurikens from the air to throw at your enemies, or just take the weapons from you steal enemies for your own benefit.

For comparison: SUPERHOT is not physically as demanding as the other games we have listed, but you will still get your heartbeat with it.

SUPERHOT is available on PC, Oculus Quest and PSVR.

Comic Shooting Range: Dick Wilde 1 and 2 (PC / PSVR)

  Dick Wilde 2
Bolverk Games

Of all the games here, the Dick Wilde games probably have some of the more complete feeling spheres. Your job is to protect your land from invading swamp bugs, and there is a surprising amount of variation in both available enemies and weapons. The game uses some nice cel-shaded visuals, and the tone remains cheerful and comical in both games.

While Dick Wilde 2 improved the formula with better visuals, more content and even co-op, Dick Wilde 1 is still worth playing if you're interested in the genre.

Dick Wilde 1 is available on PC and PSVR, and Dick Wilde 2 is also available on PC and PSVR.

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