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10 products for a perfectly relaxing bubble bath – LifeSavvy

Left to right: Terry cloth bathrobe, bath pillow, and Honest Company whirlpool bath.
Medicascrubs / Gorilla Grip / The Honest Company

When was the last time you relaxed in a nice warm bath? There are many good reasons to take a bath, from finding stress relief to relieving pain. Invest in some amenities before diving in.

January 8th is Bubble Bath Day, but you certainly don̵

7;t have to wait to enjoy it. However, if you want to have a high quality deep dive on the whimsical vacation, now is the time to stock up!

Rest your head on a comfortable bath pillow

Woman relaxing in the bath with a bath pillow.
Gorilla Grip

Resting your head on the back of the bathtub is not very comfortable, so it is important to have a bath pillow if you plan to spend some time in the bath. Not only does this simple device provide comfort, but it also helps support your neck, so you don’t get more pain out of the bath than you used to bathe with. If you are looking for a bath pillow, choose one that is completely sealed with a smooth surface. A pillow with a towel-like texture may seem cute, but it will turn into a moldy and blotchy mess eventually.

Buy some clips for your hair

A woman's hair fell from her neck.

If you have longer hair, you probably don’t want to let it float in the water while you’re soaking. But save the shower caps for the, well, shower. If you’ve been in a hot tub for a long time, putting a waterproof cap on your head to hold your hair down is a surefire way to make you feel like you’re being roasted for a potluck.

Instead, use a good styling hair clip with a firm grip to quickly put your hair up and out of the way.

Add some relaxing mood lighting

Flickering fake candles on a table.

Candles are great as mood lighting when you are relaxing in a nice bubble bath. If you want the atmosphere of candles without the risk of open flames and everything associated with it (like spilled soot and wax), it’s hard to go wrong with these realistic looking fake candles.

With the fake wax drops and flickering lights, this set of fake candles will look right at home in your bathroom. Not only are they safer than regular candles, but they are also much more convenient. If you forget to light your real candles, you have to drag yourself out of the tub to do so. However, these little guys have a remote so you can turn them on and adjust them from the comfort of the tub.

Listen to soothing tunes

People enjoy some time in a lake with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker nearby.

A good waterproof bluetooth speaker does not have to cost you a lot of money. This mid-range bluetooth speaker is waterproof, making it ideal for a bath, shower or even a trip to the beach. If you’re enjoying a nice bubble bath, some relaxing tunes will make it even better – and you don’t have to worry about your speaker taking a dip in the tub.

And hey, if you want to upgrade to something with a little more boom than the highly portable Clip can deliver, you can upgrade to its big brother, the JBL Charge, for longer battery life and more bass.

Sprinkle with some Healing Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have all kinds of great benefits. It helps to soften the skin, it helps heal cuts and bruises, and it can help soothe aches and pains. Since it softens the water, your bubbles will also last longer.

If you are Dr. Choosing Teal’s as your favorite Epsom salt brand will give you options with relaxing herbal scents. Try more than one, such as eucalyptus or lavender.

Enjoy a rich bubble bath

A variety of whirlpools from The Honest Co.
The Honest Co.

Of course, to enjoy a bubble bath, you need something that creates bubbles in your bath. Choose a hot tub that makes a lot of bubbles, such as The Honest Co.’s Purely Simple Bubble Bath. This is unscented, making it great for pairing with herbal bath salts.

Become Mellow in a Hydrating Milk Bath

Goat’s milk is great for dry skin, whether you use it in a bar of soap or bathe in it. This luxurious goat’s milk bubble bath from Alpen Secrets foams up, making it a great replacement for your hot tub, or you can use both together for extra bubbly and soothing.

Add some soothing bath herbs

You can throw fresh herbs into the bath for soaking, or you can buy bath soaks with herbs in them. Dr. Teal’s even has some great bath teas, like the Green Tea Bath Soaks. You just drop a tea bag in the tub and let it steep, just like a cup of tea, and instead of soothing your insides, it calms your outside.

Lather with a soft sponge

Sea wool sponge comes with some soapy water and towels.
Neptune of course

Soaking in the bath can just be a relaxation, but if you want to get clean in there, you’ll want a soft sponge. The softer the better, so you can cleanse gently and still enjoy the tranquility of your spa.

Relax in a cozy robe

Don’t end the rest when the bath is empty, relax in a cozy, soft bathrobe. This unisex bathrobe is made of 100% cotton and has a thick terry cloth-like fabric that makes the coat extra warm and extra absorbent.

There is no better time than now to enjoy a relaxing bath. Make it a weekly habit if you have the time.

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