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11 gifts for the aspiring artist in your life – LifeSavvy

A teenage girl painting on an easel.
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If there is a young artist in your life, now is a great time to get him some great art supplies. Whether they enjoy drawing or painting, there is something on this list that will inspire them to create.

A Universal Artist Pad

A Mix-Media Canson XL artist notebook.

If your artist is not yet sure about his or her medium, or if you don’t know what kind of art they like, a mix-media artist path may be the way to go. With this block of paper you can sketch, paint, watercolors and more. As stated in the name, it is perfect for mixed media artists.

A Deluxe Art Set for beginners

This is a perfect collection of mediums for beginners or artists who are unsure of what to create. While this huge set of 143 drawing supplies comes with colored pencils, it’s not just for little kids. Young adults will also enjoy using the watercolors, crayons, oil pastels, and other supplies.

The ultimate drawing pencil set

For the draftsman, this kit has it all: just add plain paper. This 35-piece set includes more than just a set of basic drawing pencils. You also get charcoal pens, graphite pencils, erasers, clips and more.

Art pens

Art pens are great for those who want to take their drawings a step further. Pigma has a number of excellent pens in a variety of sizes and styles. With archival-quality ink, you know your young artist will be able to create art that will look beautiful for years to come.

A space-saving drawing table

A few drawings sitting on a drawing board.
Are covered by Art

The right place to draw or paint makes a difference, so having an readily available drawing board is helpful for artists of any age. You don’t need a lot of space for this tabletop drawing table, which can be used on a desk or even on the dining table.

Paint brushes

Those who want to start painting will be thrilled with a great set of paint brushes. This set of 40 from Benicci contains all the sizes your artist needs to get started. They are also comfortable to use, with easy grips for all hand sizes.

A reliable brush cleaner

One way to keep those brushes from falling apart or breaking is to take good care of and clean them. With a brush cleaner, you can easily wash brushes without running to the sink between colors. It also gives you plenty of room to let your brushes air dry.

A reusable paint palette

There are all kinds of options when it comes to palettes. However, a flat board offers more room for mixing colors and is much less wasteful than palette paper. In this collection you get three sizes of palettes made of sturdy acrylic.

An acrylic paint set

While oil offers more blending options, it also requires many more supplies. Smart and creative artists can do so much with acrylic paint. Beginners will not notice much of a difference between the two mediums.

Plus, acrylic offers a cheaper way to wet their feet with paint that can be easily washed off paint brushes (just add water). This 24-color set from Arteza is an affordable starter pack for aspiring painters.

A collection of stretched canvases

A man paints on a stretched canvas on the beach.

Once your artist is done painting on paper, he will need some canvases. You can find great deals on multipacks in all different sizes. Phoenix offers stretched canvases ranging from 5 x 7 inches to 18 x 24 inches.

A folding donkey

Of course, if they use canvases, your aspiring artist needs an easel. With a canvas at the right eye level, multiple canvases or position changes are unnecessary. One that folds up for easy storage and travel, like this one from T-Sign, comes in handy too!

The affordability of most of the items on this list means you can find a few for the aspiring artist in your life. They’ll appreciate that you get all the tools they need to create cool works of art.

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