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12 practical gifts to give your pragmatic meaningful other – LifeSavvy

Gift ideas such as hiking socks, a Yeti drinking cup and an Instant Pot pressure cooker.
Danish Endurance / YETI / Instant Pot

Does your partner insist that he or she doesn̵

7;t need presents this year? This can be frustrating, especially if you really enjoy giving gifts. Well, here’s our solution: Stick to super practical gifts.

Let’s face it, we all need the basics of life like a good toothbrush, socks, and even soap. We’re here to help you find a few things that your partner is sure to appreciate, even if they’re a person who doesn’t have gifts.

This list does not only have to apply to partners. If you claim someone on your shopping list that they don’t like gifts, consider gifting them something practical. Ultimately, it’s hard to turn down a nice, convenient bar of soap, right?

Woolen socks

It’s the season for wool, so treat your loved one to these fabulous merino wool socks. The magic of merino keeps feet super warm in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer.

These also have a layer of breathable mesh, perfect for wicking away sweat. The extra cushioning reduces blisters for walkers and provides a built-in slipper feel when filling up around the house. This brand offers sizes for women, men and even children! So you can arrange groceries for the whole family with one click!

Comfortable memory foam slippers

It’s all about warm feet this holiday season. Once you get the wool socks, it’s time to invest in cloud-like slippers. These are memory foam and they feel like a dream come true.

Its softness shapes and cradles sore feet. The sturdy rubber soles are perfect for running outside to get the mail or enjoying your morning coffee on the porch. The same design is also available for women.

A flannel shirt with fleece lining

Enchant your loved one in the warmth of these divine flannel shirts with fleece lining. They’re so cozy you’ll want to grab one for yourself too!

They also come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the perfect one for that special man in your life. Do you want to spoil your lady? It also comes in women’s sizes.

A great YETI insulated cup

A YETI cup, sitting on a tile counter next to a man who was having lunch.

Whether your partner likes tea, coffee, hot chocolate or ice water, the YETI Rambler is ready for any adventure. This 20 ounce insulated cup features the YETI MagSlider lid, which holds the beverage with the power of magnets, meaning no more accidents or spills!

The stainless steel housing is BPA free and can handle even the hottest liquids. You can also choose from 22 cool, vibrant colors. And the best news? All Yeti cups are sized to fit perfectly in standard vehicle cup holders, so they’re perfect for taking with you!

Luxury pillows

A good pillow is the gateway to luxurious sleep. Check out your loved one’s pillows. Are they falling apart, flat or just plain dirty? It’s time to upgrade!

This pillow set provides two wonderful pillows for a very reasonable price. And hey, you can keep one for yourself!

Made from soft gel fiber, these standard pillows will fade in comparison to this one. They are also dust, mildew and mildew resistant. Plus, they don’t contain any chemicals, making this a great choice for those with asthma, allergies, or common respiratory problems.

But the best part is that these pillows are machine washable to keep them in top condition. What more do you need for a dreamy night’s sleep?

A nightstand

If your partner is practical, he probably prefers to be organized. This bedside docking station has a phone charging port, a shelf for glasses and a place for watches. In addition, there is a handy tray for change at the bottom.

Made from solid ash wood, it is a beautiful addition to any side table.

Fancy Bar Soap

Bars of various scented soaps.
360 feeling

Don’t beat the simplicity of a good bar of soap. Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? So this is a gift that comes straight from heaven.

A bar of soap can seem a bit sad if it is packed separately in a box. Instead, make a gift basket for your loved one and throw in some other fun things like lotion, a shaving set, or a new bath towel.

Alternatively, you can make your partner a stocking filled with some special and practical gifts, including this bar of soap.

An electric toothbrush

Is your partner still using a regular, old toothbrush? It’s time to treat those teeth to the ultimate cleaning experience!

We love this electric toothbrush because it has a sleek design and a rechargeable battery, making it an easy choice for brushing at home or on the go. There’s even a built-in timer in the handle to keep you on track with a two-minute brushing routine.

The set comes with the professional Oral B handle, a CrossAction brush head and a charger. You can also order replacement shaving heads, including the CrossAction, 3D White, Sensitive Clean and more.

A quality pen

A hand using a Pilot G-2 pen to write in a notebook.

It’s time to get really practical. Doesn’t your partner use a pen once during the day? Then this fantastic pen is sturdy, reliable and uses refillable cartridges. You can’t get more practical!

We love these pens so much, we have them on Subscribe and Save, so it’s a gift that you will keep giving all year round.

A handy umbrella

You can never have too many umbrellas. You need one or two in each car, one in the coat closet and maybe another in your backpack. It is a small but very practical gift that can easily slip into your partner’s Christmas stocking.

We love this one from SY Compact because it’s small, comes in a variety of fun colors and is durable even in the wildest downpours.

An Instant Pot

We’re big fans of the Instant Pot here. It is one of the greatest inventions because it is perfect for preparing delicious meals in record time. You can even make your own yogurt!

We recommend the six-quart pot as it is perfect for couples or small families. Does your loved one already have an Instant Pot? Go ahead and give him or her some cool accessories to take their Instant Pot cooking to the next level.

A robot vacuum cleaner for automatically clean floors

Anything that makes any of your normal chores obsolete is always celebrated! No need to push a vacuum cleaner or broom – give it to the robot!

We like this robot vacuum cleaner from Goovi because the price is super reasonable. Plus, it works on both hardwood and medium carpet. It is also one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners. Trust us: this thing goes wherever the dirt lives!

It comes with four side brushes, an extra high-efficiency filter, a remote control (batteries included), a dock and more! Watch the video above to see it in action.

Finding the perfect gift for your pragmatic partner isn’t that difficult once you start browsing through things he or she uses every day. Whether you keep it simple with socks or a toothbrush, or go the extra mile with a robo-vac, your practical lover is sure to love all of these handy gifts.

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