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14 Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas – LifeSavvy

From left to right: a cable organizer, skin cream and a portable humidifier
Smartish / First Aid Beauty / Hey Dewy

Have you put off buying Christmas gifts? Don̵

7;t worry – it’s not too late to order some. These last minute stocking filler ideas are versatile, affordable, and can ship as soon as possible.

Sometimes small gifts are the hardest to choose. Should you fill their stocking with candy, gift cards, socks, or something else? If you’re the secret Santa to a co-worker you barely know, or if you’re participating in a White Elephant gift exchange, you may need some more ‘universal’ gift ideas.

Check out the options below for something more personal than a gift card. They are guaranteed to work for almost everyone!

PopSocket PopGrip

The PopSocket PopGrip is a great little gadget for kids, teens, students, adults and tech-savvy grandparents. It sticks to the back of a phone for a better grip. It makes it easier to hold a phone during calls or taking photos.

It can work with literally any type of phone and it’s temporary so it won’t damage the phone or case. It bonds with a sticky gel that prevents it from falling off. It also works as a small kickstand to prop up your phone, which is handy too.

Hey Dewy portable facial moisturizer

Hey Dewy portable facial moisturizer
Hey Dewy

A humidifier is a must-have to get much-needed hydration, especially during the winter. Not only does it help your friend breathe better, but it can also make the skin feel more hydrated.

We love the Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier for several reasons. First, it works with a USB cable, so you don’t have to worry about it dying. It’s also incredibly easy to fill and clean, and it’s compact so it can be tossed in a bag for use at the office or when traveling. With just one button, it couldn’t be easier to use.

Godiva Chocolatier Limited Edition Holiday Box

Let’s face it: you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. This Godiva Chocolatier box contains a assorted limited edition collection especially for the holidays. There are 32 different pieces of chocolate (enough for a few days).

Moreover, the box is so beautiful that you don’t even have to pack it. Godiva is super chic chocolate without the super chic price tag, so it’s well worth it. Just don’t try to eat it all yourself.

First Aid Beauty FAB Faves To Go Kit

It can be hard to pick someone else’s beauty products, but trust us, this First Aid Beauty FAB Faves To Go Kit is pretty much a universal favorite. This brand consistently releases effective products that are not too gimmicky and are great for every skin type.

It includes travel sizes of some of the company’s best products, including the cleanser, face cream, and facial radiance pads for an everyday glow. The cream is insanely hydrating and perfect for a mask, while the cleanser is very gentle and does not leave the skin feeling dry.

Bitty Boomers Mini Bluetooth speaker

Bitty Boomers Mini Bluetooth speaker
Urban Outfitters

You don’t even have to be one Star Wars fan to appreciate this baby Yoda Bitty Boomers Mini Bluetooth speaker. It’s ridiculously cute and delivers great sound. It’s also super portable, offering four hours of sound over Bluetooth.

Does anyone have need a speaker so small? No, but they will definitely want it.

The Five-Minute Journal

Keeping a journal couldn’t be easier with The Five-Minute Journal. It will encourage your recipient to take five minutes to write something down. The simple directions on each page make them think and feel more positive, grateful and productive.

There is also an inspirational quote on each page as well as two questions for them to answer overnight. It’s a great way to introduce someone to keeping a journal and be more aware.

Yeti Rambler Mug

Who can’t use another mug? However, this 14-ouncer from Yeti is a bit different from your average mug. It’s meant for camping, but perfect for any situation. It is vacuum insulated so that hot drinks stay warm for hours. So if your friend sips that morning coffee until noon, it will still be warm.

It also has a wide design so it’s easy to wrap your hands around it. The lid also allows you to walk around without fear of spills. It is easy to clean and has enough space for your friend’s favorite drink.

Ananko silicone face mask pouch

We all wear masks every day now, but what should you do with them when you can finally take it off? To protect your mask from germs so you can put it back on, this Ananko Silicone Mask Pouch is really useful.

It is made from soft, food-grade silicone, ideal for storing masks so they don’t get covered with germs or bacteria. They are lightweight and portable, so your friend can throw them in a bag or in the car. This pack comes with three and is a great accessory if you’re giving someone a mask as a gift.

Hadley Mae Designs key chain bracelet

It’s harder to lose your keys when they are attached to something big. This key ring bracelet from Hadley Mae Designs is the item your girlfriend never knew she needed. Keys can be hung on the ring on the bracelet.

The bracelet is also large enough to fit almost any wrist and to keep those keys in a handy place without having to hold them. It’s super convenient, and we also love how easy it is to find those keys when you drop them in a bag too.

Bala Bracelets

Are you buying for someone who likes to train? These Bala Bangles are a great stocking filler. For portable weights, these are incredibly chic and stylish because they don’t really look like weights!

Weighing in at just one pound, they are great to add to any workout for that little bit more resistance. Plus, one size fits all! They can be worn around ankles or wrists and they are very comfortable because they don’t feel too bulky. They are also easy on the eyes, which is probably why they are so popular.

Haerfest masking tape

Masks will be a thing for a while, so a related accessory is a thoughtful gift for everyone. This leather mask strap from Haerfest is stylish and keeps that mask close and safe. It snaps onto the mask’s ear loops and then hangs around the neck, allowing the recipient to easily put on and take off their mask.

Smartish magnetic cable manager

This Smartish Magnetic Cable Manager is a cool little tech gadget that will make your friend’s life unexpectedly easier. You just place it where a cable is always (such as on your bedside table to charge your phone), and then place the cable over it. The magnet keeps the cable there so that it does not fall down and remains out of reach. It’s a simple, yet incredibly useful concept.

Busy Co. Sanitizing Towels

Hand sanitizer is an extreme gift for 2020, but everyone needs it! You can give it a boost with this Busy Co. Sanitizing Hand Wipes. Made with BZK instead of alcohol, these eliminate 99% of germs without the drying effects of alcohol. They’re also made with aloe for even more hydration, so your girlfriend can zap those germs without leaving her hands dry like the desert.

These wipes are also non-toxic and come in sustainable packaging. The bright color of the packs also makes them easy to find, even in the largest pocket.

Ryla Wellness Superfood Variety Pack

People are more focused on immune health than ever before, so giving a gift that can boost the immune system all winter is sure to be a winner. These Ryla Wellness Packs are made with superfood powders and antioxidants that are intended to support the immune system.

This variety pack contains three flavors, all of which taste really delicious (our personal favorite is strawberry orange). You just mix them with warm or cold water and drink. There are no added sugars or weird ingredients and they have a smooth taste.

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