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4 silent mechanical keyboards that don't make you sound like a Mad Men secretary – Review Geek

  Ducky Shine 7

Mechanical keyboards are loved by many because of the typing experience they offer. However, there is a large group of people who find the loud clicks and blows of mechanical keyboards annoying. These keyboards are meant to address that problem.

What to look for in a silent mechanical keyboard

Although any mechanical keyboard can be made quieter by using O-ring dampers and swapping key switches, this article is only focused on the keyboards when they are out of the box.

  • Key switches: Switches are located under each keycap and largely determine what kind of sound the keys make (and how loud that sound is). Mechanical switches will always make some noise, but we were looking for the ones that keep the noise down.
  • Size and Layout: There is a wide range of keyboard sizes available today. Many of these alternative formats require adjustment periods for users who are not used to them and must be carefully considered before purchasing.
  • Features: Although they do not directly improve the typing experience, RGB lighting, macros, and further customization options may be useful to have. As such, any keyboard that has it will be noted. it has a minimalist and stylish design that fits into any setup. The Cherry MX silent red switches that it uses provide a typing experience that has the mechanical feel that many people love without potentially annoying noise.

    The simple design has some additional functions. At the top of the board you will see a row of buttons that allow you to lock the keyboard and that require a custom password to unlock it, turn off the Windows key (or exchange it with the function key) and the keyboard to factory settings. Three media keys are located above the Numpad, along with a large scroll wheel. White LED background lighting is also included.

    With a size of 1

    9.8 x 12.1 inches, the E412 is not a small keyboard. For those who don't mind sacrificing the Numpad, a tenkeyless version is available.

    Best overall

    Best premium: Ducky Shine 7 (with Cherry MX Silent Red Switches)

      Ducky Shine 7

    If you are looking for a high-end mechanical keyboard, then the Shine 7 is something for you. Ducky is a well-known and respected brand in the mechanical keyboard community, and the Shine 7 continues that reputation. The keyboard is available with different switches, including the Cherry MX silent reds, which, as mentioned earlier, are great for those looking for a quieter keyboard.

    The housing of the keyboard is made of a zinc alloy, giving it a durable and solid construction. According to that theme of sustainability, the keycaps are made from a double-walled PBT plastic, which is more resilient than the standard ABT plastic that you often see. RGB backlight and macro functionality are built into the keyboard, both of which can be operated either by Ducky & # 39; s software or by a combination of push buttons explained in the user manual.

    The Shine 7 is designed with a fairly thin frame, which makes the size smaller (17.7 x 5.1 inch). The unique gunmetal coloring of the body gives it a much more industrial feel than that of most keyboards, which is appropriate given its durable nature.

    Best Premium

    Best for office workers: CHERRY G80 3000 (with Cherry MX Silent Red switches)

      CHERRY G80 3000

    Although the keys highlighted so far work well in a home office, they might not be entirely suitable for a business environment. If you bring a keyboard to your office, you not only want it to be quiet, but you also don't want it to attract much attention. This is where the G80 comes in handy.

    The design of the G80 is very modest, with a completely black design nothing stands out on this keyboard. The G80 easily fits into the other devices used as standard in offices. And with Cherry's silent red switches, your employees won't be grimacing with every keystroke. Although there are no additional functions, this helps keep the design of the keyboard simple. With a size of 18.5 x 7.7 inches, it should fit on most desks or cupboards with few problems.

    Best for office use

    Best for travel: Vortex POK3R (with Cherry MX silent red or black switches)

      Vortex POK3R

    Vortex & # 39; s POK3R (or Poker 3) For many, the 60% keyboard will be strange to many for the first time. With 60% keyboards, some keys, such as the Numpad and arrow keys, are cut out and then everything that remains is compressed in a small space. However, deleted keys are still accessible through the use of other shortcuts, such as holding FN + I, J, K, and L to serve as arrow keys. The alternative function of each key is on the side of the keycaps, and while this will help, it will still take a lot of time to adjust to this layout.

    When purchasing the POK3R, many key switches are available to choose from, including – and especially for quieter types – the Cherry MX silent reds and silent blacks. With these switches, the POK3R is a keyboard that is small enough to fit in a backpack (11.6 x 4 inches) and yet offers a satisfying and quiet typing experience. Great for people looking for more desk space or a keyboard that can be transported easily.

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