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5 reasons why the Galaxy S20 is a beastly gaming phone «Android :: Gadget hacks

Mobile gaming has exploded, with sales of around $ 70 billion in 2019. This led to the so-called gaming phone, with headlines under the names Razer and ASUS. Although the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra are marketed as everyman devices, make no mistake – these are unstoppable mobile gaming machines.

Unlike the ROG Phone II or ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s, none of the Galaxy S20 models have that gamer aesthetic. No angular lines, neon accent pieces or RGB logos, just a normal looking phone. But as they say, it is the inside that counts. These phones have the specifications of an alien gaming phone, and that's all that really matters.

# 1
. That beautiful 120 Hz screen

In addition to large screens, all Galaxy S20 series have an ideal aspect ratio for gaming. At 20: 9 the phone is more comfortable to hold in game sessions in landscape mode.

You also get an HDR10 / 10 + screen for improved contrast on supported games, and the resolution (and therefore pixel density) is not in the charts. There is also no big notch to stand in the way – just a perforation.

Image by Marques Brownlee / YouTube

But better than all that the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra have a refresh rate of 120 Hz . This is a feature of gaming phones because the extra frames lead to a much smoother gameplay. And unlike other 120 Hz phones, this screen makes no concessions to other areas.

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# 2. Support for Google Stages COMES

The long-awaited cloud gaming service from Google is out and will soon find its way to the S20. Stages, as it is called, displays games on Google's servers and streams them to your mobile device, Chrome browser or Chromecast. So far, only Google Pixel phones are supported, but the next phone to get Stadia access is the S20.

At an event in 2019, Google talked about how they want to increase the frame rate of Stages to 120 fps. With the Galaxy S20 that rocks a 120 Hz screen, you are future-proof. Although there is no timeline for when 120 fps is added, you are ready.

# 3. You can already stream PC games

But let's say you can't wait to play console games on the go. In 2019, Samsung introduced PlayGalaxy Link, an app that allows you to stream your PC games to your phone via WiFi or mobile data. Your PC displays your game and streams it via the Internet (think of Google Stages, but then with your own PC). This service is completely free and will be available for the S20 from day one.

But that is not the only game in the city. Steam Link offers the same function, but unlike PlayGalaxy Link, it uses your Steam library, so you may already have a lot of games that are streamed to the phone.

# 4. Still Sporting stereo speakers

Although image quality is essential in games, sound quality is a good second. The speakers of the S20 deliver louder, clearer audio than other phones, simply because there are two. One speaker is in the earphone, the other is at the bottom, so it's less likely that you will block both while gaming in the landscape.

These speakers also support Dolby Atmos for louder audio and support the gaming mode, which Dolby opens Atmos & # 39; directional sound to games. This mode also amplifies sounds with a lower volume (such as footsteps), so that you can hear the movements of your opponent, so that you can jump on them.

# 5. I mean, look at those specifications!

Finally, the Galaxy S20 has an incredible specifications sheet outside the screen. If you compare it to the best performing phone at the moment, it is actually ashamed of the iPhone 11 Pro Max on paper . Whatever you throw at this thing, it has a first-class internal component to handle it.

Image by Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

All three phones use the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, and they all have huge batteries with a included Super Fast Charging power brick with which you can be charged in less than an hour. For connectivity you have access to Wi-Fi 6 for a strong connection at home and 5G for fast internet on the move. Finally, Bluetooth 5.1 is included for an even better wireless connection with controllers and headphones.

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Cover image via Marques Brownlee / YouTube

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