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7 reasons to actually use Google Keep | News & opinion

Let's talk about Google Keep. You remember Google Keep, right? It should revolutionize the creation and organization of notes in 2013, but it faces a lot of competition.

There are of course numerous productivity and organization apps that help you re-live your life across multiple devices. Evernote may be a PCMag choice for editors to create notes applications, but Keep has its advantages as a free, minimalist tool that simplifies the process of sharing ideas across multiple devices.

For example, you can write notes in Keep on your Android or iOS device during transport and retrieve it later on your computer. Or, conversely, when you are on your way to an appointment, you add info (such as addresses or directions) to the web app so that you can open them on the road. You can also keep track of tasks with task lists that can be added or disabled on multiple screens.

So if you haven't used Keep, or actually had no idea that it existed, there are plenty of reasons why you should try it. Read on to get a better idea of ​​what Google Keep offers you and how you can organize your notes better.

Easy copy to Google Documents

One of the biggest advantages of Keep is the seamless integration with the entire Google ecosystem. That means that if you are highly dependent on Gmail, Google Drive or Google Docs, you can easily share items in Keep between platforms, from the Keep app or through a Google program that supports Keep.

 Google Keep Docs

When you are in the app, just tap an item, select the three-point menu, and Copy to Google Docs to choose. A notification will tell you that the note is being saved, then a new notification will appear with a link to a Google Doc that contains your Google Keep data .

Import items from Keep by clicking Keep icon on the right side of the screen. This opens a side menu filled with all your notes and images, which can be added to emails, Drive folders or existing documents. Use the item's three-point menu or drag it into place.

Sharing and collaborating with others

Items in your Keep app can be shared directly with other users without having to go through the typical sharing menu that you may see in other programs. Select a note or image that you want to share and choose the person icon. You can then add a user's email address or name to your contacts.

 Google Keep

This makes you both collaborators. When someone changes a note now, edits are automatically visible to all people with whom it is shared, although the original owner can revoke access at any time.

The Keep Widget: Always On, Always Live

Add a widget to the home screen of your phone for quick and easy access to your notes. Depending on the size of the widget you choose, recent notes can be viewed directly on the home screen without opening the app.

 Google Keep Widget

Add the Android widget by long pressing an empty space on the home screen of the phone, tapping the Widget button and then select Keep. On iOS, from the home screen, swipe right to the Today view, scroll down, and then tap Edit. Find the Google Keep widget and tap the plus button to add it.

Transcribing text from images

Keep on the web can transcribe text from images. Click on a uploaded image, then click on the three-dot menu and select Grab Image Text. All text in the image is then converted into searchable and editable text.

 Google Keep

It is perfect for digitizing information about business cards, signs of interest and pieces of paper. You can do the same with handwritten notes, but your mileage may vary depending on the quality of your handwriting.

Keep Is Your Own Personal Stenographer

Have you ever had an absolutely brilliant idea but did not write it down immediately, and then when you finally have a moment, you notice that everything you had in mind has now disappeared? Are you a journalist who needs an app that can transcribe interviews?

 Google Keep shorthand

The Google Keep app lets you dictate a note in your device, and the recording is transcribed into a searchable, editable note.

Set reminders

Create a pop-up reminder in Keep and it will be displayed in your Google account. Start by making a note as you normally would and click on the call icon.

 Google Keep Reminders

Set a reminder for a specific date / time or even when you enter a specific location. You will receive a notification in your browser or on your telephone.

Keep offers you specific reminder times for quick access by default, but you can change them. Open the Settings menu and you can change the default time for Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Search filter

If you use Keep regularly, its workspace will fill up fairly quickly. But because this is a Google product, the app's search smarts are robust.

 Google Keep

Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, to display search categories . Filter by memories, lists, images, drawings or links. The app also supports color coding – red for shopping lists and blue for work-related task lists, for example – so that you can also search by hue.

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