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9 cheese accessories to help you enjoy cheese more

Various cheeses and a cheese dairy book.
The Big Cheese Making Kit / Rockridge Press / Beehive Cheese

Cheese is a delicious treat on its own, with crackers and wine, or as a topping for pizzas and cheeseburgers. What better way to embrace your love for cheese than these handy accessories?

February 1

3th is National Cheddar Day (and if you want to celebrate cheese in any way, reserve the entire month of May to celebrate America’s Cheese Month). But whatever the day or month, cheese is always worth celebrating. So whether you go all-in for cheddar or you like mild and tart varieties, now is the perfect time to stock up on all kinds of gear cheese!

Shred fresh cheese at home

Someone who shreds cheese for pizza.

Rather than buying pre-cut cheese, shred your own cheese – it’s a great way to enjoy fresher and more luxurious cheeses. Shredding your own cheese not only offers more flavor, but you also save money by buying cheese in block form, it lasts longer and it melts and bakes better because it is not dusted with anti-caking powder.

A standing rotary shredder is sturdier than the cheaper handheld rotary shredders and easier to use than the knuckle-cutting metals. This clever kitchen gadget also makes it easy to cut vegetables.

Get perfect slices every time

Cheese in a cheese cutter

Perfect slices every time with a stainless steel cheese cutter with grid lines. Sometimes you want a thick slice; sometimes you want those slices of cheese ultra thin. You don’t have to worry about the cutting wires wearing out. Not only do the wire cutters last a very long time in the beginning, but order these wire cutters and you will also get five extra replacement wires!

Cheese spreaders make cheesy crackers easier

Cheese knives on a table with soft cheese and crackers.

Fans of soft cheeses and cheese balls should have a great set of cheese spreads on hand. Oneida is a well-known brand, and while these little knives don’t have fancy handles, they offer a durable product that gets the job done. You have the perfect cheese spread on every cracker.

Everyone needs a charcuterie plate

Charcuterie plate topped with cheese and fruit.

Don’t just eat cheese; cut a whole charcuterie plate with tasty snacks as a snack or meal. Charcuterie trays are trendy right now, making it a good idea to have one. The Bambusi charcuterie plate comes with a complete cutlery set, so you don’t have to buy a separate set.

Add flair with a glass cloche

Fancy glass bell jar to keep cheese fresh.

For those times when you don’t need to dig out the big plate, you can buy a cool glass bell jar to serve your cheese. This bell jar comes with a marble base, which gives a debonair appearance to your cheese presentation. You can use it to keep desserts and bread fresh when you are out of cheese.

Learn how to best pair wine with your cheese

Woman enjoying wine with her Vino cards.
Vino cards

No cheese party is complete without some wine, and the Vino Cards ensure that you pair the right vino with your favorite cheeses and other snacks. The cards are useful even if you just want to enjoy wine as they give you flavor descriptions of each type of vino so you know exactly what to expect from your first sip. There are over fifty flashcards in this set, which will help you on your way to becoming an amateur sommelier.

Try some gourmet cheese

A cutting board covered in gourmet cheese.
Beehive cheese

Get started with a gourmet cheese monster that will delight your taste buds. This delicious collection of Beehive Cheese, six luxurious flavors of gourmet dairy chunks, ensures that you get a great variety and have plenty to share. From Apple Walnut Smoked to Big John’s Cajun, you will discover a new love for flavored cheeses.

Dive into cheese making with a cheese pack

Some of the supplies in the Ultimate Cheese Making Kit.
The Big Cheese Making Kit

Try making your own cheese with a pack that comes with everything you need; just add milk. You might think that making your own cheese is a topical process, but this Ultimate Cheese Making Kit makes it a quick and easy process. The kit includes everything you need to make ten different types of cheese, including ricotta and mozzarella.

Make more cheese with an instruction booklet

The cover of a cheese making book with pictures of cheese and cheese-making supplies.
Rockridge Press

Keep making cheese with an instruction booklet where you can experiment with different types of cheeses. When you make something with your own two hands, you often find that it tastes better than what you buy at the store, and you get the satisfaction of making something great from scratch. The Beginner’s Guide to Cheese Making includes recipes and advice on perfecting your cheese making skills at home.

For cheese lovers, there is no need for a vacation to enjoy a slice of Gouda, a perfectly grilled cheddar sandwich or some cream cheese slathered on a fresh bagel. Each of these items will enhance your cheese-eating game and provide you with something special when it comes time to prepare a meal for yourself or guests.

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