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9 tips to win Fortnite battles on a smartphone

Epic Games & # 39; Fortnite took the world by storm by creating a version of a massive Hunger Games like shooter that relies on both fast shooting skills and ability to build smart structures that give you an advantage in combat. With the smartphone and tablet version of the game, Fortnite takes those ideas to another medium, and winning matches requires a few new skills, such as controlling touch controls and adapting to a smaller screen.

Making a smartphone compatible version of Fortnite – available on iOS and Android – means that the rather complex controls have to be adapted for a touchscreen. The interface changes the way players approach the game in many ways, big and small. Mastering the game on a phone means knowing everything you are capable of right now when you play the portable version of the game, understand your limitations, and play against the handicaps other players face. Here are nine tips to help you climb the ranks in Fortnite mobile.

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Learn and practice the controls

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Fortnite on iOS and Android is pretty much the same game players will find on other platforms, therefore, mobile players can use the game's crossplay support to combat players on the PC and console versions. The big difference is the operating scheme of the mobile game. It uses virtual buttons on the device's touchscreen to do everything. In other words, even Fortnite veterans will have to relearn the game controls.

The left side of the screen has a virtual joystick to move your character. Swiping anywhere on the right side of your screen will change your character, effectively rotate your camera or control your target, and tapping the right side of the screen will shoot your gun or use your currently selected item. When you're running, the right side of the screen also includes a few other virtual buttons: one to jump and one to crouch, making you move slower and quieter. There is also a button with a crosshair icon that allows you to switch from the standard third person mode to a tighter viewing direction, allowing you to look down and improve your accuracy. The same button allows you to see through the range of your weapon if there is one.

It is highly recommended that you choose the preset Auto-Fire control scheme. This changes your interface a bit, but it has one big advantage: you no longer have to press a button to shoot your weapon. Instead, the game automatically starts shooting for you when there is an enemy in your sights. This means you just have to focus to keep them in front of you, instead of messing around with one finger aiming and pressing the fire button with another.

You can switch guns or other items by tapping the one you want in your inventory. With a backpack icon to the left of your inventory, you can open a larger inventory menu where you can drop items you don't want. Above your inventory is a small button to reload your weapons.

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In addition to your inventory, there is a button to switch to a second menu of controls dedicated to building. Press that button and your inventory will be replaced by the various building elements you can build in the game. You will also see a small menu with each of the three building materials you have with you so you can switch between them by tapping. A button at the top right of the screen allows you to rotate pieces as needed. There is also a & # 39; edit & # 39; button. on the right side of the screen with an icon that looks like blueprints. The edit button allows you to add doors or windows to your structures, if you need them. If you tap anywhere on the right side of the screen, the structure will build where your character is looking. You will need to spend some time placing all the controls so that you can use them as soon as possible in high pressure situations.

Adjust your touch control sensitivity

Jon Bitner / Digital Trends [19659006Fortnite'stouchcontrol is very different from console and PC controls, especially in terms of the camera. In Fortnite you will usually walk around and search for people as much as possible, which means you have to swipe your screen to move the camera a lot. In your first few rounds, notice how fast or slow you need the camera to move to be effective for you. Rotating faster with shorter swipes is usually better to adjust your movements or spin on someone who sneaks up on you, but if the camera moves too fast, you will miss distant players while you scan the horizon on an already small

It's a good idea to play around with your camera settings so you can find an optimal middle ground. Note that there are three touch sensitivity settings in play here: one for your standard camera, a little more sensitive for "point down" (ADS), and an even more sensitive option for when aiming at a weapon

Use headphones

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In generous games, your best resource is almost always your ability to hear things before you see them. On a phone you may be tempted to play Fortnite with the sound off, especially if you're trying to play in public. Epic anticipated this possibility and added a visual indicator that gives you an idea of ​​where sounds are coming from on the screen. While useful, there is no substitute for the spatial information you get from hearing what's going on around you.

If possible, always want to dig with your headphones to Fortnite . The better the quality of your ear equipment, the better your chance to beat other players, especially if they don't have the advantage of hearing you. Headphones help you get a much better picture of the world around you and are likely to save your life a few times in match scenarios.

New visual cues and how to use them

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As we said, Fortnite softens the importance of sound on smartphones by adding visual cues to your heads-up display to show you where sounds are coming from and give you an idea of ​​their distance. Even if you're using headphones, you'll want to spend a lot of time looking at these directions and learning how to interpret them quickly. If you have an indication of where a sound is coming from, you can quickly get a lot of information about another player's location, potentially sneaking up on them and taking advantage in a fight. Combined with the ability to actually hear what the other player is up to, you may be able to draw a bead on it much faster than in other versions of the game.

If you use auto-run

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Keeping your head spinning is key in Fortnite . As in most Battle Royale games, exploring a lot of space makes the game interesting, but it also means that attacks and attackers can come at you everywhere. What's worse, the touch controls mean you have to sacrifice your ability to see parts of the screen to use your thumbs to guide your character. Every time you put your hand on the motion sticks or adjust your goal, you may miss things covered with your thumbs.

To deal with the fact that you spend a lot of time running around the big map, Epic has added an option that is not included in the PC or console versions of Fortnite : Auto-run. Double-tapping the control stick on the left side of the screen makes your character run away in the direction they are looking at, so you can devote your attention to something else – scanning for loot or enemies in particular. Use auto-run to free up part of the screen by taking your thumbs off. Likewise, you may want to play your games Fortnite a little slower on your mobile than on PC or console, so you can look around more. Swiping across the screen while it automatically runs turns your character in a different direction, meaning you'll wander around a lot to get a peek behind you. Choose nearby destinations and use short, fast runs so you can stop frequently to see your surroundings and make sure no one is chasing you.

Learn to build quickly

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As on other platforms, the mobile version of Fortnite can only show you so many buttons on the screen at any given time. To build, you must switch to a "build mode" by pressing the special button on the screen. If you have to switch to build things and then try adding stairs, floors, walls and roofs with the less responsive touch controls, some players can leave this essential aspect of the game alone when playing mobile.

However, don't sleep while building. Whether you are playing against other phone players or playing cross-platform games, the ability to build on the fly is what sets good Fortnite players apart from great Fortnite players. Laying down walls can save you from incoming shots, and kicks that put you above other players will give you a serious advantage in gun battles. By building you can also quickly traverse the map of the game by avoiding obstacles. In short, building is essential to be good in Fortnite and you have to practice being a real high level player in Fortnite, no matter what system you play on [19659012] Keep your fights close

  fortnite guide for mobile beginners targeting sights

The thing about playing Fortnite on a smartphone screen or even something bigger like an iPad is that it's small size makes it difficult to shoot something remotely. Fortnite & # 39; s long distance battles are already a bit less reliable than in other Battle Royale games, and on a small mobile screen and with touch controls you will often be hard pressed to make many shots long distances – but you warn the other player about your presence.

Opt for shotguns over assault rifles instead. Fighting up close means you have to work less on aiming and take more advantage of the screen. You will be more likely to win battles and spend less time making pixel adjustments in heated situations.

Use the directional control of the visor when fighting

  fortnite mobile beginner's guide to close range combat

The aim is, generally speaking, less intuitive in the mobile version of Fortnite than on the console or pc counterparts. With a controller or a mouse in your hand, you can easily pull up your gun for the easier ADS (aim down) mode, which allows you to get more precision out of your weapons. The ADS button – a crosshair to the left of the crouch button on your touchscreen – toggles between your fully mobile third-person view and a tighter over-the-shoulder view. It automatically lowers your movement speed, so it can be tempting to try to shoot enemies with a more precise aim to maintain your mobility.

But on a smaller mobile screen and with less precise controls than console and PC, you need all the help you can get to actually hit the other players you shoot at. The looseness of the touch control means that the firing from the hip is spotty at best, even up close. It is best to bet against other people, especially if you drop them, to hit them as fast as possible with all you can. Remember that other mobile players face the same disabilities as you do, so accuracy becomes even more important. The one who can land more bullets wins and shoots without aiming with touch control, you are much more likely to waste precious shots.

You can increase your accuracy even further by squatting while shooting. Again, you sacrifice mobility, but on a small mobile screen and with touch controls, any benefit you can gain from the player you're shooting at has a much better chance of saving your life than running around and running around to jump.

That said, if your target starts to become incredibly friendly and is only a few feet away, don't be afraid to shoot from the hip. By focusing on a local target, keeping them in sight is nearly impossible, leading to frustrating death and early elimination.

Tap on Search / Enable Interact

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On Phones, Fortnite reduces the time and input by streamlining the item retrieval process. While you discover weapons and other loot, your character sucks standard items into your inventory. This may seem like a useful change at first, but after your first few games, you'll likely find that automatically grabbing items can become a hindrance.

In Fortnite your inventory is limited to just a few slots for everything you would like to grab, including weapons, health items and grenades. If you auto-store everything you come across, you'll likely fill your inventory with low-quality items and find yourself struggling to exchange things to pick up better weapons and health items you'll find later in a match. To avoid this resource management hell, turn on the "Tap to Search / Interact" option in the Settings menu under the small gear icon in the top right corner of the user interface. You'll have to spend more time tapping to pick up weapons and open doors, but you'll trade in those little inconveniences for more control.

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