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A LEGO machine that measures and cuts wrapping paper – Review Geek

Custom LEGO Wrapping Paper Cutter from The Brick Wall

If there is a part of the vacation it is not very just as much fun as the others, it’s gift wrapping. While some people go to great lengths to make sure that every gift they wrap looks professional, we’d rather buy this amazing LEGO machine to measure and cut wrapping paper perfectly.

The LEGO wrapping paper machine, built by The Brick Wall, is about 45 inches long and is made almost entirely of LEGO parts, such as sensors, pulleys and electric motors. And the programmable LEGO Mindstorm EV3 is the brains of the operation. In addition to the LEGO components, the builder also used some cables, a cutting head, and some custom software coded in Python.

All you have to do is place your boxed-up gift in a separate room where two optical sensors calculate the dimensions. From there, the software calculates how much wrapping paper is needed to properly cover the box and the resulting measurements are then sent to the machine.

Then, within moments, the perfect piece of wrapping paper is cut out and rolled out. Yes, you will still have to fold and wrap and tape the paper yourself (wouldn’t want to make it too easy).

via Gizmodo

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