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Add and remove debit and credit cards for Apple Pay on your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadgethacks

According to estimates, there are around 441 million Apple Pay users in the world, but with nearly a billion active iPhones in the world, some of you still have to board the digital payment method. But when you're ready – or if you just need a refresher course – it's easy to add your bank cards and credit cards to Apple Wallet. or credit card that you have in your physical wallet can be added to your Apple Wallet in iOS. That means that your Visa, American Express, Discover or Mastercard probably all work.

Adding a bank card to Wallet

If you want to add a debit card or credit card to Wallet for Apple Pay, you can do this directly from the Wallet app or from your settings. You can also add them when you first set up your iPhone, but that is pretty obvious when it comes up. We are handling the process for iOS 1

3 and higher, but it is the same in older iOS versions.

Option 1: Add a card in Wallet

To add a bank card via Wallet, open the app and tap the plus sign icon in the top right corner. A page appears with a short explanation about Apple Pay; tap "Continue". Then select & # 39; Credit or debit card & # 39 ;. You can also apply for an Apple Card if you wish, but that is another subject. If you have already saved the card in your iTunes account, it can also be displayed here.

Wallet opens your camera, with which you can scan the front of your card (or back, if you have one with the name and numbers on the back). If you select a card that is stored in your iTunes, you must immediately go to the security code to verify it.

Once a new card is recognized, go to the Card Details page to view your name and card number. If you do not want to scan your card, tap "Enter card data manually" below the camera and type everything. Then tap "Next". Check or type your expiration date and security code and then press "Next" again.

Probably don't read this, read the terms and conditions on the next page and press "Agree". Your card will be added to Apple Pay, but depending on your card you may need to verify it before you can use it.

You can verify your card via email, phone number, phone call or via the bank's mobile app, depending on the issuer of your card. If you use e-mail, you will receive a verification code to the e-mail associated with your Apple account – enter it in the text box to verify. For the SMS option you will receive an SMS with your verification code and the code will automatically appear on your keyboard – tap it to enter it and verify your card.

You then call the bank to verify your card without a code, but the process can take quite a long time, and it's a hassle compared to the other options. Finally, some banks will ask you to log in to their mobile app and confirm the card in this way.

After your card has been verified, you will see a page with the text Card Activated as well as a notification from Wallet that your card is ready for Apple Pay. To make the card your primary Apple Pay card, press it with your finger in Wallet and drag it to the front of your cards. A pop-up appears with the message that the card is now your default card.

Removing a bank card from the wallet

Removing a bank card from the wallet is a much easier process than adding it, and just like above, there are two ways to do this

Option 1: remove card in wallet

Open Wallet, tap the card that you want to remove, and then tap the circled ellipse (•• •) at the top right. Scroll down and tap & # 39; Delete this card & # 39 ;. A pop-up appears; tap "Delete" to remove the card from Apple Pay and Wallet.

Option 2: Delete card in Settings

Open Settings, tap "Wallet and Apple Pay", and then tap the card that you want to delete. . Scroll down and tap "Delete this card" and then "Delete" to delete the card.

Cover photo and screenshots of Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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