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Add and use custom fonts on an iPhone or iPad

With iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple now offers you a way to install, manage, and work with custom third-party fonts on your iPhone or iPad.

You have long been able to easily install and manage different third-party fonts in Windows and macOS and use them on different desktop computers. But mobile phones and tablets are limited in their ability to support fonts, at least those of third parties.

With iOS 13 and iPadOS, you can now equip your iPhone or iPad with a range of custom fonts and them in certain supported mobile apps. The process of finding the right fonts and font libraries and determining which apps support them can be awkward and challenging. But the steps are worth it if you want to see different fonts in the right mobile apps and work with them.

Even without the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS, you can install fonts from the App Store on a system-wide basis or for specific apps. Your device also comes with various built-in system fonts that you may not even know.

Open the Mail app, for example. Start a new e-mail. Tap the body of the message. Swipe the bar above the keyboard to the left until you see an icon Aa . Tap that icon. Tap the Default font setting and you now have access to all built-in fonts.

As another example, open Safari on a device with iOS 13 or iPadOS and surf to a readable web page. Tap the Double A icon in the address bar and select the option to display Reader View. Tap the icon again Aa and you can now switch to a different font.

The problem is that managing third-party fonts on your iPhone or iPad has always been difficult. What's new with iOS 13 and iPad OS is a built-in font manager that lets you view and manage the custom fonts that you have installed. The process for downloading and using fonts is the same on an iPhone and an iPad with the new operating system updates. Let's see it.

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