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Add captions to images in Google Docs

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It’s easy to add an image to your document in Google Docs, but adding a caption is a different story. Until Google adds a caption feature to Docs, here are a few ways you can create captions and add them to your photos.

Depending on your preference, the number of images and whether you want to uniquely endorse each image, there are four ways to make this possible. You can add text inline, create a drawing, use a table or try an add-on.

Caption your image using inline text

The easiest option is to use an inline format for your image and add the text below the image. This assumes you have already inserted your image.

Select the image and click on “In Line”

; in the toolbar.

Select the picture and click Inline

Place your cursor under the image and type the text for the caption. You can then select the text and format its size, alignment and style using the top toolbar.

    Image caption in Google Docs

Capture your image using a drawing

While the above method of adding a caption works well enough, it doesn’t keep the caption with the image. So if you plan on moving things around in your document, you may like the Draw option more. For this option, start without the image in your document.

Place your cursor in the document where you want your image and caption. Then click Insert> Drawing> New in the menu.

Click Insert, Sign, New

Click the “Image” button in the toolbar and upload, search, or add the URL for the image.

Click on Image

Once your image is in the drawing, click on “Text Box” in the toolbar.

Click Text Box

Draw the text box and type your caption in it. If desired, you can format your text using the font options in the toolbar. You can then drag the text box to position it evenly with your image.

Add the caption in the text box

Click on ‘Save and close’. Your image (with caption) will appear in your document. You can then move it wherever you want, and the caption stays with the image.

Draw caption for images in Google Docs

If you need to edit the caption, select the drawing and click “Edit” in the toolbar.

Capture your image using a table

Another easy way to keep your caption with your picture is to put both in a table, with the caption in the cell below the picture. You can then remove the table edge so that the table appears invisible.

Place your cursor in the document where you want the image and caption to be. Click Insert> Table from the menu and choose a “1 x 2” table. This will give you a single column table with two cells.

Insert, table, 1 x 2

Insert your picture in the top cell. If you already have the image in your document, you can drag it to the cell.

Add image to table cell

Enter your caption in the cell below the image. You can select the text and use the toolbar to format it, just as you can with any other text in your document.

Add a caption to the table cell

Right-click the table and choose “Table Properties” or click Format> Table> Table Properties from the menu.

Right-click and choose Table Properties

In the top left, under Table Border, select “0 pt” from the border size drop-down list and click “OK.”

Choose 0 pt for the table border

You now have an invisible table with your image and caption. Like the drawing option above, this will keep your caption with your image if you decide to move it.

Rainforest Caption in table in Google Docs

Capture your image using an add-on

Another way to endorse images in your document is with a Google Docs add-on. The add-on we’ll be using is called Caption Maker, which adds subtitles to all of your items at once. This is a good option if you don’t need specific text for each image. For example, if the images can be named Image 1, Image 2, and so on.

It is easy to use the add-on after installing it from Google Workspace Marketplace. Click on Add-ons> Caption Maker> Start from the menu.

Click on Add-ons, Caption Maker, Start

In the sidebar that appears, there are some adjustments you can make if you wish. For example, you can click “Show Options” to format the captions, and you can check the box to include your tables.

Click Show options to customize captions

When you are ready to insert your captions, click on ‘Caption’. You will then see all the images in your document labeled with numbered captions.

Image caption with Caption Maker

Hopefully, an image capturing feature is something that Google will add to Google Docs later. But in the meantime, try one or more of these four methods for the one you like best.

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