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Add invisible hashtags to your Instagram story to appear in search without glorifying your content «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

It takes time and effort to spread your reach to a new audience on Instagram. It's not just about taking unique photos & compiling an exciting feed. Choose the time of the day wisely, connect with popular brands and take advantage of hashtags. Unfortunately, hashtags can seem like you're trying too much, but you can make them invisible, at least in stories.

If you add a hashtag to an Instagram story, you get the chance that your photo or video is listed on the hashtag page, along with other public posts and stories shared with the same hashtag. The more hashtags, the better, but you don't want to mess up your photo or video. To prevent a mess, there are three ways to make hashtags & # 39; invisible & # 39; but still functional with your iPhone or Android.

Option 1
: Minimize your hashtags until they disappear

The first way to hide your hashtags is by making them too small to see. It actually works better on iOS than for Android for some reason.

Tap the "Aa" button in the photo or video of your story, type the #hashtag, and then tap "Done" in the top right. Then use your fingers to pinch the hashtag and keep doing it until it is too small to see. Alternatively, instead of using the text options, you can press the sticker button, select #HASHTAG, type out your tag, press "Done," and then shrink.

On iOS, it looks like it has completely disappeared, while on Android it is really very small, but still visible, so you may want to hide it about a similar color in the image.

Option 2: drag your hashtags from the frame

The second way to hide your hashtags is by simply dragging them off the screen. Use the "Aa" button or #HASHTAG sticker again to add a tag. Instead of reducing the visible frame at the top or bottom, pull it. Although you can drag it to the sides, it is much harder to do this. Anyway, the hashtag keeps working for your story, but it stays out of sight.

Option 3: change the color of your hashtags to blend in

The last option you can use to make your hashtags invisible is to blend them into your photo or video. Let's say you have a large piece of black in the image; just change the color of the characters of your hashtag and throw it over the same color.

Again, use the "Aa" button, but this time we do not recommend using the #HASHTAG sticker. There are minimal options for colors on the sticker, so it is better to use only a text-based hashtag.

Before you type out your #hashtag, choose a color from the options. If the desired color is not there, use the color picker and tap the color in the image where you want to hide the tag. Once you have the color, type the hashtag, shrink it if necessary and hide it in the color. You can also first type it out, select all characters and then choose the color. Anyway, it should disappear if the colors were the same.

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