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Add music to Snapchat stories and messages

snapchat sounds hero image

Snapchat’s Sounds feature allows you to choose popular music or even create your own sounds to insert into snaps. This guide will help you add and give your stories and messages a musical flair.

Start by launching Snapchat on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Then take a photo or video by tapping or holding the circular shutter icon at the bottom of the main screen.

capture snapchat

From here, tap on the music note button on the right side of your screen.

snapchat notes

A menu with a few columns will be filled. The first “Featured” list contains a curated selection of popular songs to choose from.

snapchat featured sounds

The second column ‘Mood’ contains a similar selection, chosen to show different dispositions. We will deal with the third column in a moment.

snapchat sound moods

Tap the playback buttons to preview a sound, then tap a song to add it to your snap. At the bottom of the screen, select the part of the song you want to highlight, then drag the sound wave left or right to grab the clip you want. For photos, the length is up to 10 seconds, depending on how long you have set the photo to last. As for videos, the length is equal to the length of the video.

snapchat trim sound

Unfortunately, Snapchat’s music library is limited to a handful of licensing partners and does not offer a search feature at the time of writing.

At this point you can add additional elements to complete your snap and then hit the “Send To” button in the lower right corner to send it to friends or set it as your story.

send snap

In the last column, entitled “My Sounds”, you can create and save your own audio clips. Tap the “+” icon to create your own sound.

snapchat my sounds

When you are done, select the microphone icon once to start your recording and a second time to stop it. You can also hold to start recording and release to stop. Your sound can be up to 60 seconds long.

snapchat mic symbol

Please note that it is not possible to record numbers. If Snapchat detects music in a recording, a popup catches up on the screen and blocks the recording due to possible copyright liability.

snapchat sound blocked

Once done, you will be taken to a sample page to put the finishing touches. Think of a title for your new sound and choose whether or not to make it public. As previously mentioned, there is currently no way to search for sounds, so this option is largely ineffective at the time of writing. If you check this box, your sound will likely be visible to others in a future update.

Finally, use the preview window to trim your clip as you wish, by dragging the left and right anchors appropriately.

snapchat make sounds window

Save your sound to add it to the “My Sounds” column.

save snapchat sound

Tap your newly added sound to insert in as many snaps as your heart desires using the same steps mentioned above.

snapchat choose custom sound

Note: Custom sounds play only for video clips at time of publication and, unlike songs, do not provide a visual component.

When you receive a snap with a song, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open a details pane with information about the artist, song title, and main image.

snapchat song details

The “Play This Song” button displays a list of links on popular streaming platforms where you can listen to them in full.

snapchat stream songs

Snapchat’s Sounds feature provides yet another tool for adding a personal touch to photos and videos shared with friends.

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