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Add music to your Google Presentations

Music is a great way to cheer up your Google Spreadsheets presentations and keep your audience involved. However, unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Spreadsheets does not support audio files. But with the following solutions you can add a soundtrack to any slide. (Updated July 10, 2019, with a new solution via YouTube.)

Adding a link to an online music file

The easiest way to add music to your Google Presentations is to link to a track from an online music service such as Spotify, Soundcloud or Grooveshark.

1. Open a Google Presentations in your web browser and go to the slide to which you want to add music.

2. Select Insert> Text in the box in the menu or click the button for the text box in the toolbar. Click anywhere on the slide to automatically create a text box.

3. Go to your favorite online music service, find the track that you want to use in your presentation, and follow the service instructions to copy the link.

4. Go back to your slide and paste the tracklink into the text box that you just created.

5. Click on the arrow tool and change the size of the text box and move it to the desired location on the slide.

6. Select View> Present in the menu to play your presentation. Click on the link with the presentation on screen to activate the music. The file is opened on a separate browser tab and played until you close it.

  google slides music image

Integrate a music link into your slide design with a photo or some illustrations.

If you feel the plain text link is a thorn in the eye of your otherwise beautiful slide series, you can cover it with an image to better integrate it with your design.

1. Select Insert> Image in the menu. Search for a photo or clip art. Click on the desired image and press Select to add it to your slide.

2. Select the arrow tool. Change the size of the image and move it to the desired position on the slide.

3. Select the image and click the & # 39; insert link & # 39; icon on the toolbar. Paste the tracklink in the box that appears and click Apply.

Now activate the music by clicking on this image when you play your presentation.

Add music from a YouTube video

The other way to add music to your presentation is with a YouTube video. There are two ways to do this. The first is to follow the above steps and simply copy the video link and paste it into a text box. The second way is to insert the actual video into your slide. This method is best when you want to use a shorter music clip to introduce an idea or underline a point, because the video stops playing as you continue the slide.

  google slides youtube search

You can search YouTube from within Google Presentations with the & # 39; insert video & # 39; command.

1. Select Insert> Video from the

2 menu on the slide to which you want to add music. Type your search query in the YouTube search field that appears.

3. Click on the video with the desired music and press Select to place it on the slide.

  google slides youtube video

When you use a YouTube video for your music track, you need to change the size to make it unobtrusive.

4. Still select the video and click Format Options on the toolbar.

5. Click the arrow next to Play video and check the box next to Automatically play when presenting . This saves you the hassle of stopping your presentation from clicking on the play button of the video.

6. Click the X to close the sidebar with formatting options.

7. Click on the arrow tool, change the size of the video to the smallest size and place it on the slide where you want it. (You can also change the size by entering specific dimensions in the sidebar Layout options but I find the manual method faster and more intuitive).

When you display this slide during your presentation, click on the miniaturized video to play the music.

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