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Adjust your weekly and daily goals in MyFitnessPal «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

When you first set up your MyFitnessPal account, you will be asked for a checklist with personal information to create nutritional and fitness goals for you. Whatever you decide, it is important to know that the goals set for you are not fixed. If your doctor or nutritionist recommends a new plan, or if you just want to change your routine, you can adjust your weekly and daily goals.

Your nutritional and fitness goals can mean the difference between success and failure, so they must better meet your needs. Setting a realistic and well-executed plan can help you stay focused and motivated while working on a healthier lifestyle, and you can do it fully, whether you use Android or iOS.

Below we show you how you can change your overall weight goal, weekly weight loss goal and activity level, as well as adjusting your goals for calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. And let's not forget to add training goals.

Step 1
: Create first nutrition and fitness goals

As we mentioned above, when creating a MyFitnessPal (MFP) account, you must first enter information about yourself and create a nutrition and exercise plan tailored to your weight goals. You will be asked for information such as whether you want to lose weight, maintain or gain weight, your height and weight, your overall goal weight, your weekly goal and more.

When done, you will see your daily calories and exercise goals appear at the top of the MFP, based on the information you entered. You can easily change this information to adjust your goals if the standard goals don't work for you.

Step 2: Change your general goals

If you want to change your general goals, including goal weight. and weekly goal, tap & # 39; More & # 39; if you are on iOS or on the icon with three dashes at the top left of Android. Once you see the menu open with a list of options, tap "Targets", which will show you the information you entered when you first set up your account. Here you can change your starting weight, current weight, target weight, weekly goal and activity level.

If you decide to become a little more active, you increase the activity level. If you prefer to lose more pounds a week, increase that number. Whatever you want to change, just tap it, tap "Yes" on any warning messages that may appear. Change the data and then press "Save" or "Set" depending on what it was.

When you adjust the current weight, target weight, weekly goal or activity level, you can be deleted after adjusted nutritional goals. If you want to save that data, it might be worthwhile to make a screenshot very quickly before you adjust one of the basic functions so that you can enter it as before.

Step 3: Adjusting nutritional goals

Depending on your health, a doctor or nutritionist can prepare a specific nutritional plan for recommend you and you can adjust the MFP to stick to that plan. If you are still in the Targets view, great. If not, go back to step 2 to get there. Then, in the Nutrition Goals section, tap "Calories, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fat Goals" to adjust them.

If you have a nutrition plan with specific numbers, insert them here to replace the default goals. If you change around carbohydrates, proteins and fat, these macronutrients must be 100% equal. We recommend that you do not change these figures unless you have a plan or know what you are doing.

Step 4: Add fitness goals

Finally, if you plan to include workouts in your diet, it is important to also add fitness goals. Again, in the settings goals (go to step 2 if you need help getting there), scroll down to the fitness goals . Here you can add training sessions per week, as well as minutes per training session.

Unfortunately, while you can see your training information and the calories included in your daily calorie goal, you can adjust your workouts by not see the week or minutes per training goal via the mobile app, so you must go to your Training diary on the MyFitnessPal website in a web browser to keep track of that.

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