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AirPods Get Convo Booster, Audible Notifications & More With iOS 15

Apple AirPods Pro charging case opened Case

Apple today announced all kinds of exciting new features for iOS 15 at WWDC, including several changes specific to the AirPods. While we’re not getting AirPods 3 yet, the company has confirmed a new Conversation Boost mode, announced notifications where Siri will read you notifications, and more.

The first update Apple calls Conversation Boost, and it̵

7;s essentially a quality of life feature. This amplifies the sound of other people talking when you are in a crowded environment. Convo boost will try to isolate the voice from who’s in front of you for better hearing, and there’s a slider to control how much ambient noise you let in or out.

New AirPod Features in iOS 15

Plus, AirPods can now speak notifications to you, similar to the same feature previously available for messaging and texting. Siri can let you know when a delivery is coming or when your ride is ready via notifications.

Apple has also added improvements to the ‘Find My’ AirPod integration, making it easier to find your lost earbuds. There’s a new interface for finding your AirPods in the Find My app, even if it’s just one button you’ve lost. So if you let go of your earbuds, you get a notification.

In addition, AirPods will also support the new spatial audio in FaceTime, which Apple announced earlier today. AirPods can take advantage of the same spatial audio on Apple TV, Macs, and more thanks to iOS 15.

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