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Alexa has 4 new calling features on your Amazon Echo. How to use them


Use these new holiday calling features.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon added four new calling functions For you Amazon Echo to bring your family to your living roomeven if they are miles away.

The new ways to call with Alexa can be used to enjoy a secluded family vacation together or even a virtual happy hour with friends to celebrate the New Year.

Here are the four ways to make calls with Alexa on your Amazon Echo.

You can finally have group conversations on your Echo device

It can be time consuming to call one person at a time on your Amazon Echo. You can now call up to seven people at the same time with the new group calling feature. It works with audio calls for your Echo Dot and Echo speakers, as well as video calls if you have one Echo Show.

To get started, you’ll need to create and name a group in the Alexa app. Do this by tapping To communicate > tap your profile icon in the top right corner> select Add new > and tap Add group. From here you have to tap on Switch to use the Group Paging feature. Select everyone you want to add to the group and tap Continuethen give the group a name (eg My family).

Now you can say, “Alexa, call my family” to start the group call.

Use Zoom or Amazon Chime on your Echo Show 8

If you prefer a video call with a larger group, you can use Zoom or Amazon Chime on you Echo Show 8 to chat with more people. To set up Zoom, you must log in to the Zoom for Home app on your Echo Show 8. When you’re ready to join the Zoom conversation, say “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting” and enter the meeting. ID CARD.

To set up Amazon Chime, link your calendar to your Echo Show 8 using the Alexa app. Then say, “Alexa, join the Amazon Chime meeting.” If you don’t want to link your calendar, you can also enter the meeting ID to join the chat.

Your Echo Show can endorse what people are saying

If you’re having trouble deciphering what someone is saying while on a call, now you can use your Echo Show to display real-time captions on the screen. You can use subtitles during audio, video and drop-in calls. Note that this only works for one-to-one calls.

The subtitle tool has been developed for the deaf, hard of hearing or in loud or noisy environments. To turn it on, swipe down from the top of your Echo Show screen and select Settings in the upper right corner. Then scroll down to Accessibility and toggle on Call subtitles.


Use your Echo Show to make video calls or join Zoom meetings.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Kids can make calls on their Amazon Fire tablets

Your kids can now call friends and family with them Fire tablets. With the Amazon Kids app, they can make outgoing Alexa-to-Alexa video and audio calls with approved contacts who have an Echo device or the Alexa app.

You can control who can call them in the Alexa app and you will always have to give parental permission to approve contacts. You must also provide parental consent before calling can be enabled on your child’s Fire tablet.

At the moment they can’t receive incoming calls, but Amazon said they will be able to in the coming months.

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