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Amazon & # 39; s Echo Show can now scan barcodes to complete your shopping list

In our review of the smart display of the Amazon Echo Show 5, Dan called it the & # 39; smart alarm clock to get & # 39 ;. But I think I can move mine to the kitchen, right next to the garbage can.

This is partly because Amazon has just added the option for the camera of the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Show 8 to scan barcodes and automatically add those items to your shopping list (via VentureBeat ) . I could do that when I have an empty package that I am about to throw away the trash.

You start by saying: & # 39; Alexa, scan this into my shopping list & # 39 ;. This screen appears:

Image by Sean Hollister / The Verge

I just tried it with a milk carton, orange juice and a New Balance shoe box, and it seems to work well anyway, each one on my Alexa add shopping list. Although you can see below, some results are less useful than others:

Image by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Do you really need the specificity of 64 ounce lactose-free 2 percent milk before you run anyway to the shop? You know what kind of milk you need. Maybe that would be handy if you dictate an order to an external caretaker and there is a a button in the Alexa app with which you can share a shopping list with others. But usually it might be easier to say "Amazon, add milk to my shopping list" instead of the whole thing to scan the barcode.

(It can also be useful for products with hard-to-remember dimensions, such as an oven filter or a pack of screws.)

But the main reason why I move mine to the kitchen is simply because it's really not me going to use in the bedroom. Anything I ask Alexa to do there can do an ordinary Echo Dot.

However, that is not the only cool trick that Amazon has added to Alexa today – you can now also request an alarm or reminder to play on a specific Echo device instead of going to the room as standard where you are already. That is a feature I will use a lot. I had to cancel a lot of alarms in the living room after I realized that I was in the office by the time it went off.

To do that, say something like "Alexa, set a time to 20 minutes in my living room Echo." But you may first have to assign your Echo device to a room.

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