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Amazon Subscribe & Store Fill Items: Inexpensive Ways to Hit That 15% Off Threshold

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James Martin / CNET

Amazon’s Subscribe and save program is a great way to save on household and other items you use regularly. If you sign up for scheduled deliveries of things like toilet paper, toothpaste, dishwashers, and dog treats, you can get 5% off the regular prices ̵

1; or 15% if your delivery includes at least five items.

And there is the problem: what if you don’t really need five items every time? For example, you may already have enough dog treats for the month, but if you skip it, your savings will drop from 15% to 5%

What you need is a filler item, something inexpensive that will reset the number of items to five. And if you can find something that only costs a dollar or two, you’re probably still ahead.

For example, if your Subscribe and Save order with four items goes up to $ 40, and you save 5% on that order, your total will drop to $ 38. If you add a $ 2 item, your total will increase to $ 42. but now you save 15%, bringing the total to $ 35.70. Even if that filler is something you don’t need, you stand for it.

With that in mind, here are some dirt cheap items that qualify for Subscribe and Save. I have listed six items here; I’m sure you can find more with a little bit of searching. Note that these prices are correct at the time of writing and subject to changeThey can also change after you sign up, so keep a close eye on your monthly deliveries.

Did you find any other super cheap items that qualify for Subscribe and Save? Call them in the comments!

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