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An Augmented Reality app lets you copy and paste real world objects – Rate Geek

  Three images of a plant being scanned and inserted into a document.
Cyril Diagne

If you want to make a presentation with a real-world object, such as a plant or a product, you will immediately have to take a picture of it and then transfer it to a computer for editing. But what if you don't have to? On Twitter Cyril Diagne & # 39; s demonstration of real-life copying and pasting to Photoshop with Augmented Reality (AR) is something magical.

In Cyril & # 39; s video, the demonstration is quick and easy. You can see him pointing his smartphone camera at a potted plant, scanning it and then pointing the camera at his computer screen. The app automatically inserts the plant into a document and even places it behind words for maximum beauty.

It seems to work fine, and it definitely beats the struggle to take photos, upload them to the cloud to download them to a computer or to break out a USB cable. And that's before you start importing the photos into your programs.

But unfortunately, for now this is a research project and not a real product for you to buy. But there is a silver lining, Cyril has uploaded the code to Github. If you want to try this out for yourself, you can, if you have the technical know-how to compile the code and prepare a local machine with Photoshop as the server.

In the meantime, we can only hope that Cyril turns this into a full-fledged product that we can use. Since we've now seen the future, we don't want to go back to the Middle Ages where we email our photos.

via The Verge

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