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Android 11: This is what we know so far


Android 11, the next major update to Google's mobile operating system, is now available for developers. Angela Lang / CNET

Google may have finished naming every Android release for sweets and desserts, but the search giant is still sticking to its schedule to send important updates to its mobile operating system every year. The latest version, Android 1

1, was released this week for developers.

Early pre-release versions of Android – and any operating system – are interesting because they can point in the direction the company is moving and you can have new functions tested before they become widely available. But pre-release versions can also be picky, with some apps not behaving as expected, while a company is working out the cracks. And it's best not to get attached to pre-release software, because some apps and services may appear for a while and then disappear.

This first pre-release version of Android 11 aims to give developers a flying start in creating apps for the upcoming operating system and is not intended for early adopters to download and check out. That release is coming later this year. But if you're curious about what Google is planning for its mobile operating system, here's what's new in Android 11.

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More control over permissions and stricter security

Android 10 gave us a special Privacy section to determine which permissions apps have access to. Android 11 goes further and offers you temporary, one-time access, so that an app can, for example, use the location of your phone or camera.

Android 11 will expand where the operating system uses biometrics – including face, iris and fingerprint data – to verify apps and services. And Google said that Android 11 will support digital driver's licenses and other identification documents.

Designed for 5G speeds

5G felt more like promise than reality in 2019, but 2020 should be different, with more and cheaper 5G phones and wider wireless coverage available. Google plans to lay the foundation for the broader application of 5G with Android 11: allows developers to build apps that benefit from 5G networks by checking if the phone has an unmeasured 5G connection so that it can, for example, hold more data stream or use a higher resolution for video & # 39; s.

Works with different types of screens

Google said that Android 11 will work better with different screen types, including folding screens, waterfall screens and those with pinholes.

Improved chat notifications

We've just caught a glimpse of Bubble notifications in Android 10, but Google wants to extend bubbles to chat and message apps to help you see your messages quickly without much hassle. Bubble notifications are placed above other apps and windows and you can tap the bubble to continue a chat. You can also add images in a quick reply in a chat notification.

Muting sounds and vibrations while taking a photo

In Android 11, when you use the camera, the app will dampen vibrations and sounds so that you are not disturbed while taking the picture.

Later this year

This first version of Android 11 is currently designed for developers to view new features and make changes to their apps. Google said the first beta will come in May, timed for this year's Google I / O. More beta's will follow, with the final release expected in late summer / early fall. For more information about when Android 11 comes and when you can safely install the beta, see when we expect that we will get Android 11.

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