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Android & # 39; s phone app may have its own recording and transcription functions – view Geek

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Recording phone calls on Android can become a lot easier in the future. According to 9to5Google and XDA developers, Google is working on recording and transcription functions in its Phone app. The tricky part is of course to keep everything legal and kosher.

Recording phone calls is a pain in the ear

At the moment it is possible to record phone calls from your Android phone, but it is a bit of a nightmare. You must make the switch to Google Voice or download another app, such as Call Recorder ̵

1; ACR. And apps that you download can block the best functions behind in-app purchases.

Even if you find out how to record your telephone conversation, there are still the legal aspects to navigate. The laws regarding the recording of calls vary from country to country and in the United States it even varies from state to state.

Some states, such as California, require that all parties are aware of the recording. Others, such as Ohio, need permission from & # 39; one party & # 39 ;, which may be the person who decides to record the conversation. It becomes even more turbid when phone calls involve people from different states.

Google & # 39; s phone update can solve all those problems

The nice people of 9to5Google and XDA developers have chosen Android again for our build-up, and this time they dug into the latest changes to the phone app from Google. What they found suggested several upcoming changes to make recording conversations and transcribing a reality.

First, recording conversations will be as easy as pressing a record button. You will hit it again to stop recording. It is simple, elegant and best of all, easy to use. But Google must cover its base when it comes to the law. So as soon as you press the record button, you will see a prompt.

The dialog box explains that laws may vary by region and that in many areas you must inform all parties about your intention to record the conversation. Next, Google Assistant will report that anyone who listens to the conversation believes that a recording will start. If you stop recording, Google Assistant will let you know again to let everyone know.

9to5Google also saw code lines that suggest that the recording function also includes transcription capabilities. That's not that long, because Google has already introduced a Recorder app that transcribes calls. But there is the hitch – Recorder is only available for Pixel phones.

Your phone may not get the function

So now the bad news comes – there is no guarantee that you will get a call recording feature on your Android phone. First, Google could change its mind about the feature and withdraw those changes.

Even then, this new feature will probably only be available on Pixel phones. To start with, each Android manufacturer has its own version of the dialer, and this is for Google & # 39; s standard Android dialer. It is also pretty unlikely that this is something that can be easily loaded on other phones, so it is worth considering whether native call recording is something that is important to you.

Source: 9to5Google, XDA-Developers

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