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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Star Fragments

Many events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are limited to certain times of the day. Rare insects like scorpions only appear late at night, Daisy Mae only sells & # 39; in the morning and K.K. Slider only accepts song requests from early evening. There's another event that only takes place at night – and if you don't look up, it's easy to miss.

Meteor showers are not only a beautiful spectacle in the night sky, but they also have a certain gameplay value. Wishing a shooting star during these events is the only way to find star-shaped fragments in New Horizons – a rare material that is incredibly valuable and can be used to create various magical objects. Here's how to find star fragments in New Horizons and what to build with your sky stones.

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Watching the sky during a meteor shower

The first thing to do before you get your hands on some star-shaped fragments is to wait for a meteor shower to arrive. These usually take place between 7:00 PM and 4:00 AM, and Isabelle should warn you about this when you first log in for the day. You can also check out the in-game weather broadcast ̵

1; if you're lucky enough to own a television set – to see if there will be a meteor shower later in the evening.

Once you know when the meteor shower will appear, go outside, put all your things away so that your hands are free and look up at the night sky. You regularly see a shooting star flying over your screen. These are easy to spot – not only can you see them streaking through the darkness, but there is also an audible clue before they appear.

If a shooting star is present, make sure your camera is pointed at the clear sky and press the A button empty handed to make a wish. If successful, the star will get a bit bigger and glow a little brighter. There is no limit to how many stars you can wish for, so keep your eyes on a meteor shower and keep making wishes until you get bored. Shooting stars usually occur in large groups, which means you have to be able to wish for several dozen before the evening comes to an end.

Get star-shaped fragments the next morning

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The morning after the meteor shower, head to the coast. Scattered along the beach you should see star-shaped fragments – usually there is one for every wish you made the previous night. They can be found anywhere along the shoreline, and that's the only place they can be found – you'll never find a star-shaped fragment except in the sand. These celestial bodies come in a few variants:

  • star-shaped fragments: the most common type of fragment.
  • large star-shaped fragments: less common, but required to make many valuable objects. ] Zodiacal Signs: Very rare, found only during certain times of the year.

Star fragments and large star fragments can appear all year round, while zodiac constellations are tied to different seasons. For example, Taurus Fragments may appear between April 20 and May 20, while Gemini Star Fragments may appear between May 21 and June 20. Zodiac Star Snippets are among the rarest objects available, but if you come across one you can make some of the coolest furniture in the game.

What to do with star-shaped fragments

Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Star-shaped fragments can be used to make a variety of different items, including the magic wand. This recipe can be found at Celeste, a wandering villager who can often be seen on your island during meteor showers. Make sure to talk to them when they are around as they are happy to hand out unique DIY star fragment recipes.

The magic wand is the main reason players like to collect star fragments because it allows them to change their outfits on the fly. Outfits are stored in a manner similar to the tool ring, giving them quick access to different styles. You have to assign the outfits while you are near a dresser or closet – and you have to keep the wand in your inventory – but it's a fun feature to play with.

In addition to the magic wand, there are some cool Zodiac furniture that can be made, such as the Leo sculpture, Aries rocking chair and Scorpio lamp. Each needs a corresponding Zodiac star fragment, which is a good reason to keep looking at the stars all year round.

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