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Anker’s new dock charges your Oculus Quest 2 and its controllers – Review Geek

An Anker charging station with an Oculus Quest 2 and a controller set docked.

When Facebook unveiled the Oculus Quest 2, it praised many upgrades and improvements over the original Quest. Sadly, not all of those improvements have been unpacked, and one of the big offenders is battery life. You get up to three hours on the Quest 2. Anker̵

7;s new $ 87 charging station means at least you can charge with less effort, and as a bonus, it can also charge the Quest controllers.

As docks go, Anker’s charging station is quite wide. Standing flat on a table, the Quest and controllers go side by side, instead of raising the Quest 2 to use more vertical space. It’s also not clear whether the dock is compatible with the Elite Strap add-on. The headset sits directly in the dock, but there is no holder for a rigid strap.

A dock, two batteries, a cable, a wall adapter and two battery covers.

But for $ 87, you get a decent amount of product. The kit includes the main dock, of course. But it also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, a wall adapter, two rechargeable AA batteries and new battery doors for your controllers. These last two items allow you to charge and charge your controllers with less effort. Out of the box, the Oculus Quest 2 uses standard AAs, which you chew through if you use the system often.

Anker isn’t new to battery charging and cable game either, so it’s likely a quality product. The dock will automatically stop charging when needed to prevent overload. Facebook has even given its official approval and is already selling the dock on its Oculus site. But you can also get it from Amazon for Prime Shipping. You can buy it right now, but it won’t arrive until after Christmas.

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