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Apple can start a gaming service on Monday

Apple will host an event this Monday where they are expected to launch their new video streaming service. Besides video, Apple is also rumored to start a news and magazine service, but that's not all. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple seems to be able to launch a new gaming service as well.

It will look like Apple's other services where users will pay a subscription subscription where they will then be able to access a lot of paid games. It is unclear what kind of game is offered, but the report adds that these will be paid for games and that foreign titles will not be included.

For example, there are games that are free to play but also offered paid services, such as Super Mario Run where players can pay a fee to unlock the game fully. The report also continues to add how the fees should be shared between developers, where titles that work well and played a lot will be larger.

In any case, take salt grains for now, but we should have all the official details soon enough to be sure to check back with us this Monday where Apple can reveal it fully.

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