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Arcade1Up opens pre-orders for ‘Big Buck World’ and ‘Atari Mini PONG Jr’ – Review Geek

A 'Pong' machine, an 'OutRun' machine and a 'Big Buck World' machine in front of a green background.


Up is ready to roll out more retro gaming options for your home entertainment needs. This time, the company opened pre-orders for Big Buck World, a variant of its existing Big Buck Hunter Pro machine. It also takes pre-orders for the portable Atari Mini PONG Jr. And if you missed something OutRun, good news, it will be back in stock today.

A 'Big Buck World' machine with two light cannons.

Big Buck World is essentially the same machine as Big Buck Hunter Pro, the first light gun Arcade1Up released. But if you have a Big Buck fan and rather Big Buck World’s artwork, this machine is for you.

You still get the same games, Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Safari, Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, and Big Buck Safari Outbackalong with two light guns, a riser and an 18 “x 24” metal sign, but all artwork changes to the updated game style.

You can pre-order through Arcade1Up and Best BUy, but you may want to go straight to the Arcade1Up site. When we checked, you get $ 50 less that route. It’s $ 499.99 at Arcade1Up and $ 549.99 at Best Buy. And if you order it now from Arcade1Up, you get free shipping. The company says it will ship in January.

A portable 'Pong' machine on a coffee table.

If you’d rather your retro game be a lot more retro (and affordable), check it out Atari Mini PONG Jr. It is a portable pong machine that you can take and play anywhere you go. You can play with a friend or with the built-in AI

The little guy weighs just over two pounds and has two buttons on each end so you can operate your paddle. You can power it with the included charger or with the included AA batteries. Grab it later today on the Arcade1Up site. It’s from Uni, the company that created the amazing and expensive $ 3,500 Pong Coffee table.

An 'OutRun' cupboard with sofa.

Did you miss something? OutRun? Arcade1Up’s first racing cabinet sold out quickly, but good news: it’s back in stock. If you want to take the racer seriously, don’t hesitate. It probably won’t be long. You can order the $ 499.99 OutRun cabinet now directly from Arcade1Up.

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