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Assassin's Creed Origins Beginner's Guide

With Assassin's Creed Valhalla on the horizon, you might consider jumping back to some of the series' best loved games. Entries in the series like Assassin's Creed Origins have seen a revival lately, with many players revisiting the lands of ancient Egypt. Origins plays much differently from older episodes, dropping the simple stealth gameplay in favor of a much more challenging, robust RPG action hybrid. However, the fact that the game is different doesn't mean you can't master it! Here's what you need to know when you start the game.

Handle every battle with care

The first change you will immediately notice in Assassin's Creed Origins is the new combat system, because at the beginning of the game you are in a combat is thrown with no exposition. In previous games, you waited for enemies to attack and used a countermeasure to disarm them before going to the kill. This is no longer the case. Instead, the new assassin Bayek has access to heavy and light attacks, evasion and parry that is much more difficult to use than the counters and parries available in previous games. While the old "It's Like Dark Souls " line has been constantly used in recent years, it is the best reference point for Origins .

When entering a battle, take note of how far away your enemy is, as well as any other targets that could be taking part in the battle soon. Distance is more important in Origins than in previous games, because you don't shoot to the nearest target when you press the attack button. Likewise, if an enemy is in range and his weapon is wielding, it doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a dodge animation: you get hit. If you see an enemy about to attack, it is best to dodge behind him, because you can get a few hits before the enemy can respond and you will do extra damage to your back … just like in Dark Souls . You also always want to keep your shield up unless you attack. Making this your default pose will save you the headache of taking a lot of damage.

Another thing to consider is your damage multiplier. If you hit an enemy, your multiplier goes up by .10. This means you deal more damage if you consistently hit an enemy. Try placing them against a wall to whine them over and over for maximum damage.

Plan Ahead

In previous Assassin's Creed games, there were a few different types of enemies that required a slightly different strategy in battle. There is much more variation in Assassin's Creed Origins . Standard growls are still a relatively simple matter – dodging, blocking and attacking – but for enemies using shields, their guard must be broken by a heavy attack before you can hit them. Larger enemies with full-length shields must first be hit with a loaded heavy attack, a skill unlocked in the skill tree. Finally, there is another large enemy type wielding a massive mace that should be avoided at all costs.

You will recognize the weaknesses and strengths of each class over time and you should always prepare for a fight to make sure you are not & # 39; t caught off guard. Send your eagle Senu around in enemy camps to mark enemies, and you will be able to spot the strongest guards before you actually enter the area. This is also a great opportunity to exchange your weapons – against multiple targets, fast swords and sickles won't (literally) cut it, so in your second you'll want access to a large ax, mace or scepter

Stay on your ease

If you encounter an enemy more than two levels higher than you, you will find that you cannot make much of a dent. They will get you out without having to back up. But even if you have achieved parity with the enemies you face, you can still have trouble taking out multiple soldiers if your grand plans come up in your face. To prepare for the worst, consider raising your level up from the recommended level. You will notice that targets go down much faster and you will be able to take a few extra hits before you die.

Killing enemies will give you a small amount of experience, but the fastest way to level up is to complete the side missions. If you are level 15, try to complete missions that are meant to be as low as level 12 because the experience you deserve to complete it will still be significant. In general, you should do as many side missions as possible before continuing with the story, as different main missions have multiple phases, with escalating level requirements. If the first part of the main quest suggests you reach level 16, for example, this may be followed by another mission intended for players three or four levels up. Going "over prepared" is always a good idea.

Dilute large groups with your bow

Using the bow is critical to success in tricky battles. There are four different types of bows: predator bows, warrior bows, hunter bows and light bows. Each is useful in a different scenario. We found that the two covert options are best for a classic covert play style. The hunter bow is similar to a standard bow found in many action games, with a medium draw time and enough power to take out most targets with a few shots to the head. The predator class is much quieter and can kill a standard enemy at your level in a single headshot.

The bow is especially useful because assassinations are not guaranteed to kill in Origins . Against high-level goals, they will only lose some of their health. As a result, a well-placed predator bow shot is often a more efficient way to kickstart a fight. Just don't fall into the arc-firing trap once the battle starts as your peripheral vision is almost completely eliminated and you are flanked by enemies you can't see.

Go Hunting and Upgrade Your Gear

Animal hunting was largely optional in previous Assassin's Creed games, but it is effectively mandatory in Origins. In addition to providing additional income when sold in stores, the leather you collect from animals can be used to upgrade your harness – giving you more health and contact damage – and the quiver for your bow. If you're struggling to take down an enemy that is already at the correct level, try upgrading your armor a few times. It may just give you the benefit you need.

You can also pay a blacksmith to upgrade your weapons and armor. If you have the money, a blacksmith can bring any weapon to your current level, increasing the stats. While useful, upgrading weapons quickly becomes very expensive. Only use it if you find a certain weapon you like to use. Even then, don't be afraid to let go of your things if you find something more powerful. You will go bankrupt if you upgrade your weapons too often.

Make the Most of Your Area

Your axes, swords and maces provide you with plenty of tools to defeat the many enemies scattered throughout ancient Egypt but from Egypt. you can often get the greatest benefit yourself. When entering an enemy camp, there will always be at least one brazier a short distance from the guards. If you warn them of your presence, they will fire and light the brazier, evoking a surge of reinforcements that Bayek can often handle too much alone. If you reach the brazier before the fight begins, you can set a trap that will explode when a guard tries to light it. Just make sure you have registered all the braziers in the area as larger fortresses and camps often have a few scattered around the area.

You will also often spot deadly animals, such as lions caught in cages, that you can use to your advantage. Just unlock the cage and reach higher ground. All enemies in the region will be distracted with their newly discovered lion problem, giving you the chance to collect a few murders before they take down the beast.

Climb the towers

You don't technically have to climb the many of the game towers to unlock missions and supplier locations on your map, but you have to do it anyway. Every tower you climb becomes a fast travel point and if you sync with it Senu improves the ability to detect points of interest. Given the size of the game, you will find that if you ignore the towers, you will spend a lot of [running] and horse riding. You will end up wasting more time than you would have in the first place climbing the towers.

As you synchronize with more towers, you increase the perception of your eagle, Senu, allowing the bird to see targets from further away. and even see enemies behind walls. It can be quite difficult to see enemies with the naked eye, so this would reduce the chances of Bayek being ambushed by an enemy he had not seen before while scouting.

Clear the card

It is an Ubisoft game, after all. Make the most of this by clearing the map before continuing with the story. Origins has a huge world with hundreds of things to do. Almost everything you do earns XP and you can level up your character by completing all side tasks first. Open your map and pay attention to the sights that are spread all over the world.

You'll find question marks, cities, fortresses, treasures, tombs, vantage points, and side missions to complete – allowing you to upgrade your character upgrade upon completion. Some side missions, like the one where you have to kill a certain animal, will give you different crafting equipment, while others will reward you with money. Of course, you can quickly flip through the story without exploring the map and clearing the sights, but you'll likely find it easier if you take the time to do all the little tasks first.

Experiment with Ubisoft Club rewards

During this generation, Ubisoft implemented Ubisoft Club rewards in most of its games, giving you an incentive to take on additional challenges. These include tasks you'd see in a typical PS4 trophy or Xbox One achievement. Completing Ubisoft Club challenges will give you money to spend on in-game goodies like weapons, extra missions and costumes. In Origins there are many different things to spend your units on, so make sure you check out the list from the pause menu. Don't forget: you can upgrade the weapons you buy from Ubisoft Club to make them even stronger.

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