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At $ 60, Ring’s new video doorbell is smaller in size and price – Review Geek

Two people wave to a small Ring Doorbell

Amazon’s Ring Doorbells are usually bulky or pricey. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is small, but it̵

7;s also $ 250. The $ 99 Ring Video Doorbell is huge. For only $ 59.99, the new Ring Doorbell Wired manages to achieve both a small profile and a price.

While it’s slimmed down, priced, and toned down, that doesn’t mean the Ring Video Doorbell Wired lacks essential features. You still get a 1080p video feed, two-way audio and customizable motion zones. For most people, that’s realistically all you need in a video doorbell.

But you do lose a few options that may matter depending on your home. First, as the name suggests, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired must be plugged into your home. It has no battery at all. If your home’s video doorbell wiring isn’t working, fix it or use a plug-in transformer. Nor will it work with your home’s bell, despite being wired.

If you want to hear when someone rings the doorbell in your house and not just your phone, you need to jump to the Ring Chime and find a place to hook it up. But if you give up battery and chime, Amazon can reduce the size significantly, which could be a bidding match for homes with close doorway access.

The $ 59.99 Ring Video Doorbell Wired is on sale now from Amazon and Ring.

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