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Aukey Sale Offers Solid Discounts on Car and Travel Chargers – Review Geek

Aukey travel charger and car chargers

Aukey is one of our favorite suppliers for reliable, low-cost accessories. Today, a few of its products are even the more cheaper cheaper thanks to selling prices on Amazon. There̵

7;s a choice between large and small car chargers, and a multi-country travel charger … because multi-country travel becomes a thing again.

The first is the USB-C car charger, a really small adapter that barely sticks out of a cigarette lighter. It’s ideal if your car’s adapter is clumsily placed somewhere. (There is a small flip-up tab for tool-free removal.) The adapter delivers up to 30 watts between two USB-C ports. Normally $ 16.99, you can combine the 5% discount coupon on the Amazon list (just below the price) with an additional 20% discount for using the coupon code YN3XHG2L. That brings the final price down to just $ 12.74.

If two ports aren’t enough, you may want to go for the slightly larger version, which includes a USB-C power delivery port with up to 36 watts of output power, plus two standard USB-A ports for other gadgets or passengers. This one is $ 17.49, with an 8% off Amazon listing coupon (again, below the price) and an additional 30% off with a coupon code DLGH7O7E. That brings the final price down to just $ 10.84.

Finally the travel charger. This wall wart contains a USB-C port (maximum 15 watts) and two USB-A ports. But the real deal is around the back, where a series of sliding pins allow you to use different plugs for the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Australia, and all countries that use these semi-standardized plugs. Unlike similar travel charger designs, there are no extra pieces to lose. The standard price is $ 24.99, but with the 7% off coupon below the price and the added 30% discount code EUZ2HPWH, the price drops all the way to $ 15.74.

According to Aukey, these prices will be right between now and midnight PST on Dec. 25 (Friday). Don’t forget to click on the ‘coupon’ box in the store listing for the maximum discount.

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