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Automatically save PowerPoint presentations to OneDrive

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If you regularly work with Microsoft PowerPoint, consider turning on AutoSave for your presentations. Here’s how to save PowerPoint presentations directly to OneDrive if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Remember to enable this every time you open a new PowerPoint presentation. After that, AutoSave continues to save changes to the presentation as you make them.

Note that OneDrive must be set up separately even if you are signed in to Microsoft Office on your computer. You just need to open the OneDrive app on your computer and sign in to your Microsoft account. Once you̵

7;ve done that, OneDrive is set up and ready to use on your computer.

Automatically save PowerPoint presentations to OneDrive

With OneDrive set up, open Microsoft PowerPoint and select the “File” menu at the top.

Click on File

Click on “New” in the left pane.

Click on New

Select “Blank Presentation” or any template you like.

Click Empty Presentation

Hit the switch next to Auto Save and make sure it’s set to ‘On’.

Click the switch next to Auto save

You will see a popup message asking you to select ‘OneDrive’.

Click on OneDrive

Now give your presentation a name and then click ‘OK’.

Name your PowerPoint presentation

From this point on, PowerPoint will continue to automatically save your presentation. By default, you can find your saved presentations in the Documents folder in OneDrive. If you only use OneDrive to store your Office documents, you are unlikely to run out of storage any time soon, as you get 1 TB of storage along with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Your file is now automatically saved to OneDrive

Change where PowerPoint presentations are saved in OneDrive

Changing the location of your saved PowerPoint presentations is a good idea if you want to sort your work into neat folders. You can do this easily by opening a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and clicking “File”.

Click on File

Now select ‘Save a copy’.

Click Save a Copy

Click on “OneDrive” in the panel labeled Save a Copy.

Click on OneDrive

Here you can click on “More options” to open a window.

Click on More options

You can also click “New Folder” in PowerPoint and start organizing your presentations.

Click New Folder

When you are done, select the folder you just created.

Select the folder you created

Press ‘Save’.

Click on Save

This will save your presentation to a new folder in OneDrive. The next time you create a PowerPoint presentation, you can use this method to save it in the same folder or create a new one if you want.

To make sure your file is in the correct folder, click the file name at the top and check the folder under OneDrive.

Check where your file is stored

Now that AutoSave is enabled in PowerPoint, you should try to embed a Microsoft PowerPoint slide in a Word document. You can also try sharing your Word document with OneDrive.

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