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Beautify the homepage of your browser with these 10 random website generators

  Homescreen web browser
Robert Avgustin / Shutterstock

If you have the same homepage every time you open your web browser, it can get boring after a while. Here are ten websites that deliver a random fun fact, video or piece of information to you every time you open your browser.

If you want to keep your existing homepage, you can always change things by having multiple home pages. Right-click on the links below to copy the desired link and add it (or bookmark it) to your homepage settings in the browser of your choice.

Not sure how to change your homepage? We have it for you, whether you use Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.


  Wikipedia logo

Everyone's favorite encyclopedia – Wikipedia – has a random page option that displays a page from a collection of nearly 6 million pages.

If you want to use a different language, change the "and" in the URL to the correct language, such as "es" for Spanish or "de" for German. This is also very useful if you are learning a new language.

In addition, most sites built on this wiki format have a "random" option that brings us nicely. . .

Wookie Media

  Wookiepedia Logo

The Wookiepedia Wiki also includes a random page option. If you are a Star Wars fan – like many of us here at How-To Geek – chances are this will waste time like nothing else.

You can read the long story about a character, place, or weapon that you knew virtually nothing about before. Then click on links to other interesting characters, places or weapons, and before you know it, you have opened 20 tabs and you have done nothing productive for an hour. Ask us how we know it


  Reddit logo

Are you fond of Reddit but have trouble reading something outside of your favorite subreddits? This is for you.

Pointing your browser home page to r / random will take you to a subreddit that you may never have seen before. But be warned, some subreddits will undoubtedly draw you into an argument, debate or story in a way that only Reddit can.

Optical illusions

  BrainBashers logo

Who doesn't like to look at something that makes us feel like we can't trust our eyes and give us a headache? Nobody, that's who.

The random page option of BrainBashers brings you to a random optical illusion, so you can start every day by remembering that you really can't always believe what you see. You must have JavaScript enabled, so you can click on any illusion to see the "reality" behind it.


  Wallhaven Logo

From visual feast to other, only this time the images are not meant to cause migraine: a collection of random and often beautiful backgrounds of Wallhaven. This is definitely another page that you can draw in long periods of browsing, but it is art, right? So it's okay.

Coloring Pages

  Simply Color Logo

If you are the kind of person who would rather color your own images than search the work of others, how about a random selection of coloring pages that you can print from Just Color ? It is an opportunity to make some art yourself and at the same time to be a little attentive.

Products on Etsy

  Etsy logo

Regarding art and beautiful things, what about some random Etsy finds? Not so much a random page as a random search, but the results change fairly regularly.

If you like to shop for strange things that you would not normally find, you must withdraw your PayPal account before you know it. [19659011] Quotations

  The Quotations Page Logo

Looking for something that is tastier and more valuable? Visit the quotation page and receive a number of random quotes from both real and imaginary people.

Each quote contains links to other quotes from the author if you find them particularly attractive. Then remember them so that you can appear wise in the eyes of your colleagues.

Urban Dictionary

  Urban Dictionary logo

From the sublime to the NSFW. Urban Dictionary has a random page that certainly teaches you new definitions that you did not know before. Honest warning: almost everything here should not be viewed while at work or for children.

Random YouTube video & # 39; s

  Random lists Logo

Unfortunately, YouTube itself has no random option. Fortunately, RandomLists (which also has random pages for movies, songs and gifs) came to the rescue.

The video & # 39; s are not entirely random because they tend to be recently popular video & # 39; s. But with thousands of videos & # 39; s uploaded to the streaming platform every day, chances are you have never seen them before.

Other random sites

  Take me to another useless website Logo Border

If you want really random craziness, The Useless Web is perfect. It has a button that you click to go to completely random – and pointless – websites.

For example, you might end up on a website like Tiny Tuba, which contains an image of a very small tuba that plays a few notes when you click it. Completely meaningless and completely joyful.

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