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Best Men’s Skincare Products for 2021

Steal skin care products from your girlfriend, wife, or other beauty product junkie in your life is one way to make ends meet when it comes to taking care of your skin. But why not use products made specifically for your needs? From shaving products to wrinkles and even bald head care, men’s skin care has evolved, with more innovative options on the market than ever before.

Adopt a solid skincare routine is important regardless of your gender or your skin care experience. A solid facial cleanser, sunshade, facial cremeeye cream, shaving cream and aftershave can take you far regardless of your skin type. For those who suffer from a burning sensation, dark circles, pesky acne, oily skin, sensitive skin or other issues ̵

1; you can also find a skincare product to address them.

Below you will find the best skincare products made for men with all different skin concerns. The list of the best men’s skincare products was originally compiled by Mercey Livingston, but Lindsay Boyers and her boyfriend (who will go by the first name Joe from now on) tested each product for two weeks to see how they fared. We’ve also recruited CNET Editor-in-Chief Andrew Morse, who rocks a bald head, to weigh in as well.


My manscaping routine used to be more or less fixed. Lather with the all-in-one body wash / shampoo / antifreeze the gym has dispensed, run the trusty Gillette over my usually infertile scalp and rinse off. Usually the gym offered a choice of soapy water: industrial strong white or antiseptic orange. I preferred orange.

Then I heard about Mantl, the creator of a “formulated regimen” designed specifically for bald men like me. Mantl produces a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen, as well as “non-shimmery sheets”. I have to say, it’s pretty nice things.

The cleaner is light and washes out easily. No sticky film. I used it for soaping before running a razor over my dome. Definitely a closer, longer-lasting shave. The cleanser also has a pleasant scent, more appealing than the gym’s white, although perhaps not as aromatic as orange.

The moisturizing cream is also pleasant. It’s a bit thicker than I expected but my skin seemed to absorb it quickly. It is not greasy. The woman said I looked younger after using it. She also said my cheeks looked fuller, although that might have been a polite hint to skip a third slice of pizza.

Mantl’s SPF 30 sunscreen is different from other skin protections I’ve used. It is a clear gel, not a lumpy mess that leaves smudges and streaks no matter how vigorously it is rubbed. I haven’t put one on my scalp because I use what all red-blooded Bay Staters use to protect their heads from the elements: a New England Patriots ball cap. However, I applied some on my face. It spread evenly and wore comfortably.

Mantl also makes non-shimmery sheets designed to soak up excess oil on your scalp. Seemed a bit fussy so I didn’t try them. That said, they are probably pretty good if anything like Mantl’s other products. They are also made with bamboo charcoal, which sounds impressive.

Like just about any other company these days, the Mantl folks market their products as a service, offering customizable quarterly boxes. A full set costs $ 70 every 12 weeks. I’m not ready to drop $ 280 a year on subscription soap. But if my gym had it in stock, I would definitely use Mantl. Sorry, orange. Andrew Morse

The art of shaving

Don’t be fooled by the name. The art of shaving stubble balm is designed to soothe uncomfortable stubble, but it really is a multipurpose skincare additive that has made a big difference everywhere. Joe rocks a full beard and only uses a razor to clean his neck and cheeks. Luckily he doesn’t have too much shaving irritation, but he does get some pretty stubborn ingrown hairs and pimples in these areas.

After adding this to his men’s skincare routine for a few weeks, there was a noticeable difference in the frequency of ingrown hair and the feel and texture of his skin. His skin wasn’t that itchy and his beard also felt softer and looked more tamed even hours after using the balm.

The texture of the stubble balm falls somewhere between a light conditioner and a gel. It provided relief for his skin and upgraded his beard game without leaving any greasy residue. We tested the sandalwood, which smells absolutely divine, but if for some reason you don’t like that musky, smoky scent, there are options for bourbon and bergamot and neroli too.


Targeting dry skin and sun damage, the Lumin Moisturizing Balm is a GQ Best Stuff choice. As a newbie to skincare, it took Joe a while to get used to the extra moisture on his face, but after a week or so – and some coaching on how a bit goes a long way – he was hooked on this facial moisturizer .

As it is technically a night cream, the Moisturizing Balm has a thick texture, but it absorbs directly into the skin, rather than sitting on it and giving that greasy feel and look. Joe commented several times that he couldn’t stop touching his face because it felt so smooth. It also looked baby soft.

The difference was especially evident when we got to the first week of December and the temperatures started to drop. Although normally plagued by dry patches on his cheeks and forehead, he hasn’t seen any of this this year, even with temperatures in the 20’s. His complexion has also become much smoother, with the redness diminishing significantly.

The fragrance was also very pleasant. It was not as fragrant as the stubble balm, but gave off a light, freshly washed unisex aroma.


With retinol, sunscreen and several ingredients that help with shaving irritation, redness and dryness, L’Oréal’s Vita Lift Moisturizer is a top choice for men who want it all, but don’t want to commit to a long-lasting skincare routine for healthy skin.

While this moisturizer is technically an anti-wrinkle cream, there wasn’t much of a difference in its fine lines after two weeks of use – something we expected as it takes longer to see such results. But he did notice how smooth and soft his skin felt. The added moisture also made his skin look smoother and I noticed he didn’t have that much redness and his pores looked smaller too.

The Vita Lift left a little greasiness, probably from the sunscreen, but it was a welcome tradeoff as sun protection is critical when using retinol and this product makes it easy. This face cream also comes with a handy pump, which was useful for dispensing just the right amount without overdoing it.


The Jack Black Beard Oil is a blend of natural ingredients, soothing oils, powerful antioxidants and vitamins that work together to condition your beard and improve the skin underneath. And it works.

Just two drops easily tame all of Joe’s villainous hair and left it with a slight shine without making him feel greasy. He also made sure that the oil in his skin worked under his beard to see if it could soothe dry, itchy skin that isn’t taken care of often enough, and it did. He felt immediate relief, and over time noticed that he didn’t scratch as often and that he felt his skin was smoother and his beard less stiff.

I could feel a noticeable difference in the texture while hugging, and his beard looked better and smelled fresh too. With so many fragrant ingredients, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact scent, but it was light and pleasant.


The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub is designed to break down “tough facial hair” for a smoother, more comfortable shave. As such, we expected a hard, bead-strewn thicket, but it was anything but.

The scrub particles, which are made from apricot kernels, were fine and very easy on the skin. They were able to wipe away dead skin cells easily without leaving any redness or irritation. After a few weeks of use, there were noticeable differences in Joe’s skin tone and texture, and he had a lot less clogged pores in his nose.

Although he did follow up with the scrub with a moisturizer, it felt moisturizing on its own and at times he commented that he didn’t even feel like he needed the extra moisture.

In addition to exfoliating particles, the exfoliator also contains menthol and caffeine, which are designed to stimulate the skin, and it seemed like things got a little lighter and brighter, but the difference wasn’t quite noticeable in the two weeks of our testing. While the facial cleanser’s menthol scent wasn’t his favorite (or mine), he loved the morning wake-up and fresh feel of this skincare product.

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The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health care practitioner if you have any questions about a medical condition or health goals.

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