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Can you get the child discount if you have a baby in 2021? Yes, but you have to claim it


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7;s birthday is in 2021, there is an extra step to claim your child discount payout.

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Monthly payments for the comprehensive Child discount of $ 3,600 officially begin on July 15th. Eligible Parents children or people who claim other dependents receive half of the credit amount monthly payments of $ 300 or $ 250 until the end of 2021. The other half will arrive in a fixed amount next year after you file your taxes for 2021.

Like it stimulus controls, the new child discount payment is based on your tax returns – if the IRS is aware of your family members, know they will have to pay you monthly (again, only if you pay everything admission requirements). But what about if you have a baby in 2021? Good news for new parents: You don’t have to wait for the next tax season to receive child discount money. There is just one extra step to take.

The IRS plans to open two online portals from 1 July specifically for applying for the child discount. Read on to learn more about how the portals could work and how you can use them to claim the credit for babies born or adopted in 2021, or for new dependents who weren’t on your return in 2020 mention. In addition, you can submit an additional claim as follows $8,000 to $16,000 credit for childcare expenses and what we know about one fourth stimulus control.

How much is the extended child discount worth to new parents?

The child discount in 2021 has changed since last year, in particular the increased benefit amount. The new 2021 newborn credit will be capped at $ 3,600 per eligible child, from that point as your income increases. The IRS uses several AGI phase-out limits (when your income is too high to qualify for the full amount of credit) for singles, heads of household, and married couples filing jointly. CNET has built a calculator to determine your specific payment eligibilitywhich you should definitely try, especially if you also have older children (children 6 years and older are eligible for less), share custody or do not have a US citizenship.

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Child discount: everything we know


When will the payment of my child discount actually arrive?

In contrast to incentive checks, the extended child discount is paid out in two phases. Half of you The total of the child discount comes in monthly checks, which ships from July 15 and continues through December on the 15th of each month (unless the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday, in which case the checks will likely go out the following Monday). The other half will be paid on your 2021 tax return when you file an application in 2022. Anyone who is eligible and has filed a 2020 return against the May 17 tax deadline will automatically start receiving monthly checks – no need to submit, claim, request, or otherwise hunt your money, as long as the IRS knows how many dependents you have.

OK, but how can parents of 2021 babies claim the child discount?

If your family members weren’t filed with the IRS in July (or haven’t even been born yet), you have two options for getting your payment. First, you can always wait until next spring as well receive the full child discount in one go, just like how the previous version of the credit worked. But if you want to get monthly payments before next year’s tax season arrives, there is another option.


The first installment of child discount payments will come in monthly, starting in July and continuing through December.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The IRS has pledged to set up two online portals by July 1. Through the first portal, taxpayers can report any change of status (dependents, income) throughout the year. The second portal is for those who don’t normally file a tax return. These families can use the portal to ensure their information is correct, including adding 2021 babies as qualified dependents.

We don’t have much information yet on how the portals will work and whether they will be available by July 1 (the IRS’s resources are still allocated to processing tax returns), but when they are revealed, new parents will can use to call on dependents on time to receive the child discount checks they owe. Even if you go this route, you may receive more than half of your payment next tax season, depending on timing.

What else could affect payment and eligibility for a child discount?

An important caveat is that both you and your child must be U.S. citizens and your child needs a Social Security number. And one more, your child’s age group is based on their age on December 31, 2021, so anyone who enters the next pay group at any point in 2021 will be considered part of that group all year round. (Got a 5-year-old who turns 6 this year? Unfortunately, you may have lost about $ 600.)

We will keep this story up to date as new information about the extended child discount comes out. Do you still have unanswered questions? Here is every important detail know about the child discount, Income limits for 2021, how Shared custody can have consequences for the payment of your child discount, and a timeline for monthly payments. And here’s everything we know about a potential so far fourth stimulus control and nine weird facts about stimulus controls you should know.

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