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Can’t wait for iOS 14.5? You can now install it on your iPhone before it officially comes out «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple’s iOS 14.5 is the biggest update since iOS 14.0 came out, with more than 50 confirmed features and more being discovered every day. There are new emoji, AirTags support, more privacy controls, and exciting upgrades for Siri, maps, reminders, podcasts, music, and even shortcuts. So it wouldn’t surprise us if you want this on your iPhone as soon as possible.

Guess what? It is 100% possible to install iOS 14.5 now.

The version of the software you would get is the Release Candidate (RC) version, which is essentially what the Golder Master (GM) was – an exact or near-exact replica of the stable update that will be pushed to the masses sometime in the week starting April 26th. The only difference is that the RC allows Apple to release additional RCs if major issues are found before the stable release date, while the GM has always been clearer.

As a non-developer, there are two routes you can take to get iOS 1

4.5 on your iPhone. One is really easy, and the other is more involved, but might be better if you need a fresh start to kill off any bugs left over from your current iOS version. Whichever option you choose, make sure to archive a backup just in case.

Option 1: Install the public beta configuration profile

The easiest way is to join the Apple Beta Software Program and use the public beta version of iOS 14. All this involves logging into Apple’s site, accepting the program agreement, downloading and installing a profile, restart your iPhone and go to Software Update to get the RC like any other iOS wireless update. For more information, see our guide to installing iOS beta software.

That’s the method you should use if you want to keep all your data intact. If you want a fresh start to eliminate any bugs from previous iOS versions on your iPhone, use the build 18E199 recovery images.

Option 2: Install from the recovery image

On your Mac, download the recovery image below (in IPSW format) for your iPhone model. To sum it up: connect your iPhone to your Mac, select your iPhone in Finder, hold down the Choice key and click the “Check for Update” button, choose the IPSW file, install it and set it up as a new device or restore from backup. For complete instructions, see our iOS beta software installation guide.

Once you install iOS 14.5, start exploring all the new features!

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