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Can't you love songs in Spotify? Here you can read how you can really hide them from playlists and radio stations. «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

You can block artists, wherever you are in Spotify & # 39; s mobile app for Android or iOS, but it's not as easy as you want to hide songs. Keeping songs is possible here and there, but not everywhere, and that is a serious problem if you keep hearing songs that you hate.

Before we go to where you can and cannot love songs by certain artists, let's quickly see how to hide a song that is currently playing, whether you use Spotify Premium or Spotify Free. But do not know that songs do not apply to the entire account, but only per device. So if you don't like a song in one place on your iPhone, it can still appear on your Android tablet.

In general, Spotify & # 39; s implementation of non-compliant numbers is horrific. If you only have one account and one device, it doesn't matter, but if you have multiple devices, an Android and iOS device or different types of accounts, it can quickly become confusing as the process varies. Below you can see what I mean.

Blocking songs in Spotify Premium

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide a song that is not in the Now Playing bar in the mobile app, so tap that bar to expand it. If you see the universal symbol for "no" next to the control buttons, tap it. The song is deleted from the playlist or radio station and you are automatically skipped to the next song. (The automatic skip may not always happen, so you have to skip the song manually.)

In some cases, depending on the playlist or radio station you are in, an action menu will appear where you have to choose between "I like don't like this song "or" I don't like this artist. " I've only seen it in the "Release Radar" playlists, but it can happen elsewhere. Here's how you can really hide them from playlists and radio stations ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  Can't stand songs in Spotify? Here's how you can really hide them from playlists and radio stations

The No symbol is the official dislike button for Spotify and what it does is hide songs from the current playlist or channel. The track is not completely deleted from your Spotify account, but only from that one playlist or channel. That means it can reappear in other places in the app. So although Spotify calls it a "dislike" button, it's more like a "hide this number" button. It is used to give you better recommendations, not to completely banish the song from your listening experience.

Go to " Where Songs Can Hidden" below to see all the places where the nr symbol may be hidden, because the The coming Spotify Free sections do not apply to you.

Blocking numbers in Spotify Free

For a non-paying account this is the same as above; only instead of a "no" symbol, it is a "minus" symbol. The icon is more true to its meaning than in Spotify Premium. A minus sign indicates that the song has been deleted or hidden from the current playlist or radio station, while a no sign looks like you can erase the track so that you can never play anywhere.

After tapping the minus sign, the number ends and jumps to the next number in your queue. The advantage of the minus sign over the no sign is that it is displayed almost everywhere in a free account.

You can also hide songs in the ellipsis menu for each title. Tap it, in the list view or on the Play Now screen, and then select "Hide Song" (iOS) or "Hide This Song" (Android).

Alternatively, if you use the Android app, you can also hide songs from the list view. The minus sign is right next to the similar heart for each number.

Blocking songs everywhere in Spotify Free

If you do a search on a Spotify Free account, you can tap the resulting song that you want to block, tap the vertical ellipse at the top right of the page of the song and select & # 39; Do not play this & # 39; (Android) or & # 39; Do not play this song & # 39; (iOS). As far as we can see, it blocks the song in all playlists and stations.

Where songs can be hidden

What if you don't see an avoiding button on the Play Now screen? There is an excellent chance that you will not see it because it is missing in most parts of the app for premium accounts. However, the Hide to Free Accounts button can be found everywhere, so everything in the list below applies strictly to paid accounts and not to free users.

There are many requests on the Spotify forum to extend app-wide "not fun", but we doubt it will happen, because Spotify would be nothing without bands, artists and other musicians who generate income with your plays . So for now:

You can't love songs played:

  • Daily Mix (based on your favorite genres)
  • Release Radar (new songs Spotify thinks you'll love)
  • Discover Weekly (songs Spotify think you'll love)
  • Repeat (most played in the last month)
  • Repeat rewind (most played more than a month ago)
  • Some radio stations (only large genre stations)

Songs played from:

  • Search
  • Editorial playlists
  • Brand playlists
  • State of the Music Today playlists
  • Like Songs
  • Wrapped (your best songs)
  • Summer Rewind (your best songs))
  • Popular playlists
  • Genre playlists
  • Mood playlists
  • For Today & # 39; s Drive playlists
  • Featured artists
  • Fresh new music
  • User-made playlists [19659028] Personal Playlists
  • Most Radio Stations
  • Everywhere Else

Block Songs by the Same Artist

If you find yourself blocking tons of songs from the same artist, it's probably better to just get that artist to prohibit. Unlike hiding songs, blocking an artist prevents them from playing in most playlists and radio stations and can be unblocked if you change your mind. It applies to both premium and free accounts.

Unblock a song in Spotify

If you accidentally didn't like a song, remember that it only applies to the current playlist or radio station you are in, as well as the current device and not others . You can, however, get it back.

More info: Make a song on Spotify visible again in playlist and radio stations

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