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Change the currency symbol in Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is home to several spreadsheets for tracking expenses and budgets. Most of these choose a default currency, but if you want to change that, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to change the currency symbol in Google Sheets.

We recently started using one of these spreadsheets for tracking expenses on Google Sheets and surprisingly the currency chosen was British Pounds. You can easily exchange that to US dollars or other currencies.

If you downloaded a template with a different currency, make sure that all instances of the currency have been changed. Failure to do so may result in calculation errors or other problems.

Change currency symbol manually in Google Sheets

This method is a bit cumbersome, but you can change the currency symbol quite easily in Google Sheets. You must first open a spreadsheet and then select all cells with the currency you want to change. If the entire sheet has only one currency, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Control+a (or Command+a on Mac).

Select all cells in Google Sheets

With the relevant cells selected, click the “123” button next to the font selection option.

Select ‘More formats’.

Click More Formats

Click on ‘More currencies’.

Click More Currencies

Use the search box to find and select your currency.

Click on US dollar

Click the currency format drop-down menu to select the desired format. You will see choices like US$1,000, $1,000, USD1,000, etc. Pick one of these.

Click the drop-down menu for currency format

Now click on ‘Apply’.

Click Apply

This changes the currency symbol in one worksheet. You will need to repeat this process with other worksheets to resize there as well. This means that if your Google Sheets document has separate worksheets such as income, expenses, etc., you will need to manually change the currency symbol in each of them.

Set the default currency for each document in Google Sheets

When you create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets, you can quickly set the default currency for that document.

Note: This method will not work with templates that have their own default currencies. It works best with new Google Sheets docs you’re working on.

To set a default currency for your spreadsheet, click “File” in Google Sheets.

Click on File

Choose ‘Spreadsheet Settings’.

Click Spreadsheet Settings

Go to the “General” tab. You’ll see a drop-down menu with a country’s name under the “Local” subheading. Click on that drop-down menu.

Click the drop-down menu under Locale

Select the country whose currency you want to use.

Click United States

Finally, click on the green “Save Settings” button. Sets the document’s default currency to the currency you want.

Click Save Settings

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Set the default currency for your Google account

If you want to make sure your preferred currency is always set as the default in Google Sheets, you can make the change directly in your Google account. To do this, sign in to your Google account and click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Click on your profile picture

Choose “Manage your Google Account.”

Click Manage Your Google Account

Click on “Manage your data and personalization” in the Privacy and Personalization section.

Click Manage data and personalization

Select the pencil icon next to your preferred language.

Use the search box to select the primary language of the country whose currency you want to choose. In our case, we want to select the US dollar as the default currency, so we chose ‘English’.

Click on English

Now select the correct country. For US dollars, the choice is ‘United States’.

Click United States

Click the “Select” button to complete the process.

Click Select

You can also learn how to change the date format in Google Sheets here.

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