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Check out this website before it self-destructs – check out Geek

  A screenshot from the self-destructing website

The story goes that an emperor asked a wise shepherd boy: & # 39; How many seconds are there in an eternity? & # 39; Right now, a unique website can answer the question for itself: 86,400. That's the number of seconds per day, and unless it receives at least one message every 24 hours, it will self-destruct. Check it out while you still can.

Go to this website wants to destroy itself and you will see a simple greeting:

I am a website. I'll be out soon and that's okay.
You can send me messages using the form below. If I go for 24 hours without receiving a message, I permanently destroy myself and everything is erased from my database.
That's okay.

It is then explained that you can leave a message for everyone to read and you can read messages that have been left by others. You can already find heartwarming and heartbreaking missions anonymously. Here are a few that caught my eye:

Dear website,

I also have days of self-destruction. That's why I take breaks!

You should do that too!

Dear website,

It's been a tough month, but as always in life I'm sure the future can only brighten up now, so I'm happy 😃

Dear website ,
I love my cat so much. She is soft and beautiful and perfect. I wish I could hold her in my arms forever.

Dear me,
I am enough for myself.
I should live for myself and do things that benefit me.
One day, when you read this, you know you've been around a long time, from the days when you think you might not be living without a certain person in your life.
The truth is, you probably do well before they entered your life.
I know it is difficult, but someday it will be fine again.

If you want to see the website continue, you can leave your own message. Write something happy, write something sad, just don't write something that is not safe for humanity, the self-destructing website has a notification function.

But enjoy it as long as you can, like all the life we ​​don't know when this will all end. If 24 hours pass without a single message, the website will delete itself. That includes the database, sent messages and everything else. And at this point the first second of eternity will be over.

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