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Collections vs. Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge: What’s the Difference?

microsoft edge bookmarks and collection icons

Bookmarks, which Edge calls Favorites, have been a core part of web browsers for decades, but Microsoft Edge introduced a new method of organizing web content called “Collections.” Collections are meant to build on the idea of ​​bookmarks as a better way to organize ideas, projects, and more.

What are bookmarks or favorites?

A bookmark, which Edge calls a favorite, is simply a saved web address, also known as a URL. Bookmarks act as shortcuts to specific pages that you visit often. Instead of typing in the full URL, you can just click on a bookmark and go straight to the page.

Bookmarks can be organized in Microsoft Edge in a number of different ways. You can put them on the “Favorites bar”

; at any time for quick access. The favorites bar can even contain folders for organizing bookmarks.

favorites bar

In addition to the favorites bar, there is a built-in “Other Favorites” folder. This is the typical place where bookmarks are stored. As with the bar, you can create subfolders in the “Other Favorites” folder.

Other favorites

To bookmark a web page, click the star icon in the address bar.

save as a favorite

You can then name the bookmark and choose where to save it.

save name and location options

In the mobile versions of Microsoft Edge, tap the three-dot menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Border on mobile menu icon

Scroll through the menu and select ‘Add to favorites’.

Add to favorites

Your bookmark is automatically added to the “Mobile Favorites” folder. If you are signed in to Microsoft Edge, your bookmarks will be synced with your account and accessible on any device.

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What are collections?

Collections are similar in concept to bookmark folders (favorites), but they focus more on organizing ideas, planning trips, saving things for a project, and other specific tasks.

A collection can contain shortcuts to web pages, but you can also add digital sticky notes to it. You can export a collection to Microsoft Excel, OneNote, Word or even a Pinterest board.

a collection in Edge

Collections are also more visual than bookmarks. The favorites bar and folders only show the favicon and title of the page. Items in a collection have larger thumbnails that blend with your notes. A collection is more of a scrapbook page than a simple bulleted list.

To start a collection, click the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner and select ‘Collections’.

click on the menu and select collections

Then click on ‘Start New Collection’.

start new collection

First, name the collection. Then you can click “Add Current Page” to add the page that is open for the collection.

name collection and add page

Click the sticky note icon to add a note to the collection.

sticky notes

For the above export options, click the three-dot menu icon.

export options

In the Edge mobile app, you can access Collections by tapping the three-dot menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Border on mobile menu icon

Then select ‘Collections’.

select collections

From here you can tap the “+” button to create a new collection.

create new collection

Within the collection, the “+” button adds the current page. Sticky notes cannot be added from the mobile apps.

add page to collection

Your collections are synced to your account, so when you’re signed in, you’ll see them on all devices that have access to Microsoft Edge.

Should you use favorites or extensions?

Now that we know the differences between Edge’s bookmarks (favorites) and collections, the question is which one should you use? Well, there is no wrong answer to that question.

Collections are cool, but they aren’t quite necessary. You can easily organize ideas, trips and projects in a bookmark folder. All you would miss is the sticky notes and direct export options.

That said, collections look nicer than bookmarks. If you want a more modern take on bookmarks, the Collections feature is a nice option. It’s also a good way to separate out certain things that you don’t want buried in your bookmarks.

You don’t have to use the Collections feature, but it’s here if you want to try it out. Bookmarks are still a great way to organize things in your browser. You have options.

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