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Connecting a Bluetooth mouse to a Chromebook

chrome icon with mouse

Chromebooks are called Chromebooks because they are mostly laptops, and laptops usually have trackpads. If you want to use a Bluetooth mouse with your Chromebook instead, it’s easy to do. We’ll show you how.

As long as your Chromebook has Bluetooth, you can connect a number of wireless peripherals (such as a keyboard and other accessories) to it. A Bluetooth mouse is a popular choice for better navigation. You can also easily put one in a bag with your Chromebook.

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First, click the clock icon on your Chromebook̵

7;s shelf to open the Quick Settings panel. Then select the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

open Quick settings and tap the gear

Scroll down in the Settings app and select ‘Bluetooth’. If your Chromebook doesn’t support Bluetooth, you won’t see this option.

select bluetooth

First, turn on the switch (if not already on). Your Chromebook will start scanning for Bluetooth devices. Make sure your mouse is in pairing mode.

turn on bluetooth

If you see the mouse appear in the “Unpaired Devices” section, select it.

select the mouse

A popup will appear briefly while it is connecting, and then you’re done! The mouse says “Connected” in green text.

mouse connected

The mouse should now be connected and you can move the cursor around the screen. From now on, the mouse will automatically connect when you switch it on.

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