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DCbel’s charging station can power your home from your electric car, arrives in the US – Review Geek

A white EV charger on the wall.

If you are completely into it renewable energy, your home can quickly become cluttered with charging stations. You need one unit for solar panels, another to manage your stationary backup and a third to charge your electric car. Dcbel̵

7;s r16 does all of that in one unit, and it’s coming to the US.

DCbel’s r16 really has an impressive number of features. It is a bi-directional EV charger, which means that if there is no electricity in your area, the Dcbel can draw power from your electric vehicle to fuel your home. That’s probably not enough to keep your home running for long, but that’s okay as the Dcbel r16 is also an optional battery backup for your home. If you have your own battery, it can do that too.

It can manage your solar panels during the day and if you haven’t absorbed enough energy, it can smartly charge your EV and backup battery overnight when electricity prices are lower. Of course it also works as a solar power inverter and can handle up to 20,000 watt peak DC input. Compared to many solar inverters, that is a lot.

As EV chargers go, the Dcbel r16 is equally impressive. If desired, it can charge two electric vehicles at the same time, and when you charge one electric car, it does so at fantastic speed. A standard 110 volt plug can charge an EV five miles per hour. An L2 charger will get you 20 to 25 miles per hour. The DC Fast Plug of the Dcbel r16 can charge your EV for one kilometer every minute.

You will of course get an integrated app full of statistics and details about your solar panels, battery backup and EV charging. You can see how the electricity is flowing and get a good idea of ​​where you save energy. And the charging station itself has a screen to give you that same information. And if you have limited space, it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The two biggest problems with Dcbel’s premium charger are price and availability. You can’t get all of these features in one device and don’t expect to spend thousands of dollars, which will continue to be the case. And until now, you couldn’t buy one in the US anyway. But that has changed today and the company is now taking reservations for US customers. You can view it today and make a reservation.

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