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"Desktop Meadow" is like "Desktop Goose", but Zen instead of Chaos – Review Geek

  File explorer with some grainy birds and flowers on top.
Sam Chiet

Social distance is for the birds. At least that seems to say Desktop Meadow . Desktop Meadow is from the same developer who brought us Desktop Goose. And unlike that chaotic horror, this game soothes you with grainy flowers and fluttering birds. A postman bird even occasionally sends you friendly messages from strangers. Best of all? It's free (like donations).

You may remember Desktop Goose as the game that caused chaos on your desktop. The little jerk has littered your desktop with windows and obnoxious art. Desktop Meadow is almost the antithesis of that game and is all about Zen, peace and tranquility.

The concept behind Desktop Meadow is incredibly simplistic and that is part of its charm. Start the program and the top of your windows will grow small flowers. It doesn't take long for birds and butterflies to flutter on your screen and perch next to the flowers.

If you can't go out now, why not bring the outside over to you? In addition, digital flowers do not give you allergies and a runny nose, so a bonus. But look around and you'll see a few new additions to the bottom corners of your desktop.

At the bottom right you see a mailbox. Occasionally, a small bird postman will deliver letters to you. These are real letters written by anonymous people elsewhere in the world who also use Desktop Meadow .

  A Windows 10 desktop with grainy flowers and birds everywhere and a letter from a developer.
You immediately receive a letter from Sam.

Bottom right you see two buttons slightly hidden from the screen. One closes the program, but the other lets you write a letter and send it to the underworld. Before messages are delivered, she is screened by a moderator and only friendly letters will find their way to other users.

At the moment, there is not much to it Desktop Meadow and it is a tad buggy. For example, I saw flowers appear in the middle of a context menu. And because it's so new and doesn't have a security certificate, you might see Chrome and Windows Smart Screen highlight the program.

But you can download it now for free from itch.io. Donations are accepted and $ 2 is recommended by default. If you have the money, why don't you throw a pizza slice worth Sam? But if you don't, you can choose to skip the program and download it for free.

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