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Disable comments on Instagram

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Instagram comments can be a blessing or a curse. When things aren’t going well, you can disable comments altogether, hide current comments, and prevent new ones. Here’s how to disable comments on Instagram.

Turn off comments for a live Instagram post

Unfortunately, there is no common feature to disable comments on all your Instagram posts at once. The closest option you have is to make your profile private.

But Instagram lets you disable comments per post. To do this, open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and browse to the post (it must be one of your posts, of course) where you want to disable comments.

In the top right corner of the message, tap the three-dot menu button.

Tap the three-dot menu button.

In the menu that appears, choose the option “Disable response”.


The comments section will disappear immediately. No one can access previous comments and your followers will lose the ability to leave new ones.

Instagram posts with comments disabled.
An Instagram post with comments disabled.

You can revert this option at any time. Tap the three-dot menu button in the post and choose the “Enable Comment” option to restore all comments.


If you want to hide comments from a particular profile, try the Restrict feature. This will stop public comments, but you can still see them (if you want).

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Turn off comments before posting to Instagram

Sometimes you already know you don’t want to read comments about a post you’re about to post. In that case, Instagram will let you disable comments just before the post goes live.

After choosing the media you want to share in your post, you will be taken to the “New Post” screen where you can write the caption and tag users. Select the “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the

Enable the “Disable Comment” option and press the Back button.

Tap the switch next to the

Then, when you’re ready to post, tap the “Share” button to share the post with the comment feature turned off.


If you change your mind later, you can re-enable comments at any time. Tap the menu button in the top right corner of the Instagram post and choose the “Enable Comment” option.

By the way, in Instagram settings you can also limit comments to just your followers or the people you follow. Lots of fun!

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