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Disable (or enable) typing indicators in the signal

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Type labels let you see when someone you are communicating with is typing a text message to you. However, if they are a slow typist, you could be sitting there watching the indicator bounce off your screen. Fortunately, you can turn off typing indicators in Signal.

The typing indicator in the Signal app, as seen below, consists of three moving dots in a bubble. When someone you chat with is typing, the balloon is there.

Type indicators in Signal

Note: As with read receipts, when you turn off typing indicators, they are turned off for any individual or group Signal chat you participate in. You will no longer see when someone is typing a message for you and they won’t see when you’re typing a message for them.

Start by opening the “Signal” app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Open the

Then tap your avatar in the top left corner. If you haven’t uploaded a custom profile photo, it may appear as your username initials.

Tap your avatar in the top left corner

Select the “Privacy” option from the list in the “Settings” menu.

Select the

Finally, turn off ‘Typing Indicators’.

Turn off (or on)

To turn the feature back on instead, tap the switch to turn on the typing justifications.

As mentioned above, disabling typing indicators will disable the feature for both you and the person you are communicating with. If they keep the setting on, they’ll see typing indicators in other chats, but not conversations with you.

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