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Do this to get Siri to use Deezer instead of Apple Music for all your music requests «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

With an emphasis on well-rounded audible entertainment, Deezer offers all music and podcast fans the best of both worlds. As great as the app is, it’s inconvenient to constantly tell Siri to play your music and podcasts through Deezer, so Apple Music isn’t used by default. Fortunately, that changes so that you can set Deezer as your iPhone’s default music player for Siri.

The feature is new to iOS 14.5, Apple’s next major iPhone update. Once you’ve updated, you’ll find that Deezer isn’t the only app to choose as your auditory default – 14.5 lets you choose from Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more. Deezer isn̵

7;t alone in the podcast genre, either, as Apple lets you select podcasts and audiobook apps. Talk about a well-rounded position.

That said, it should be noted that iOS 14.5 is currently in beta. So the function is a work in progress and not very reliable. We were only able to get it to work on the public beta and not the developer version, strangely enough. And it may only work some of the time and often reset itself.

Note that this new feature only changes the default player used with Siri, so if you’re playing a song in the Files app or another cloud service app, the bare player will appear. Links on the web are always for a specific service as well, so you can’t tap an Apple Music song link and expect it to open Deezer.

Option 1: Ask Siri without specifying Deezer

The first option is to ask Siri to play a song, artist, or album without indicating that you want it through Deezer. The first time you do this after updating to iOS 14.5, you should come across a full list of apps that let you play the song. Tap “Deezer” and iOS will not only play your selection, but it will also set Deezer as the default app.

If you haven’t already turned on the ‘Use with Siri Ask’ toggle in Deezer’s’ Siri & Search ‘settings, you’ll see a popup saying,’ I need access to your Spotify data to do this. Is that okay? ”Tap“ Yes ”to continue.

Note: This list appears when you tell Siri to play something for the first time after updating to iOS 14.5, but it might appear different from time to time.

Option 2: Ask Siri to play from Deezer

I know, I know – I told you should not has to ask Siri to play from Deezer. All it takes is a final request like this in iOS 14.5 to put the problem to bed. You see, the first time you ask Siri to play music from Deezer after installing 14.5, the digital assistant will set Deezer as your default. So the next time you make a blanket request to play music, it will just go through Deezer.

Again, if you haven’t enabled the ‘Use with Siri Questions’ setting in’ Siri & Search ‘, you will need to tap’ Yes’ at the prompt that says’ I need access to your YouTube Music data to do this . Is that okay? “

Free Deezer is limited

You may know this if you are a long-term Deezer user, but free users are limited. You cannot request specific songs or albums from Siri through Deezer unless you pay for a premium subscription. In fact, Siri will say so much, which is quite interesting.

This feature is still in beta testing

Again, we want to reiterate that this feature – as useful as it may be – is still in beta testing. That means you will run into quite a few bugs while using it.

We’ve seen the list of apps pop up randomly even after setting a default music player. We’ve also seen iOS just revert to using Apple Music as the default. There is also no option on the Deezer or Music pages in the Settings app to change the default music player, such as when changing your default email client or web browser.

Basically, it’s not perfect, and don’t expect it to be for a while. We expect Apple to further improve it with future updates to iOS 14.5m, which should be released in the spring.

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