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Do you want to sell your Fitbit? This is what you have to do


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Want to upgrade your Fitbit to a newer model like the Charge 4 with GPS? You may want to switch entirely to another wearable, such as the Apple Watch ($ 399 at Apple) or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ($ 280 at Best Buy) . Whatever the reason, there are a few steps you should take to make sure you don't give away your personal information ̵

1; or your credit and debit card information if you're using Fitbit Pay for contactless payments.

The same rule applies, whether you are selling a phone, fitness tracker or other gadget with identifiable information: make sure to un-pair and factory reset before continuing. You may also want to manually sync the Fitbit tracker or check it out with your phone one last time to make sure the latest data is captured, especially if you're upgrading to a newer Fitbit.

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Disconnect and erase data from the Fitbit

Depending on which Fitbit model you have, this can be a two-step process. Some older Fitbits automatically clear your data when you delete it from your account in the Fitbit app. Others, such as the Charge 3 ($ 100 at Best Buy) Ionic ($ 250 at Best Buy) and Versa ($ 160 at Best Buy) will also need a factory reset to clear data.

To remove a Fitbit from your account, go to the Fitbit app and then tap the Today tab. Tap your profile picture and then tap the picture / name of the device you want to remove. Select the trash can icon (Android) or scroll to the bottom of the page (iOS) and press Delete . You can also remove a device from the Fitbit web interface.

Now you want to reset your Fitbit to factory settings. For a Charge 3, Charge 4, Ionic, or Versa tracker, go to Settings > About > Restore Factory Settings or Clear User Data . For the Ace 2 or Inspire go to Settings > Clear user data . For other Fitbit devices such as the Aria scale, follow Fitbit's instructions here.

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Find the best price for that used Fitbit

Once you've packed the old Fitbit with its charger and other accessories, such as extra straps, it's time to sell. Just like if you were to sell a phone you want to do some shopping to find the best deal you can get. There are several buyback sites that use Fitbit trackers and watches, although they may not yield the highest returns. Here are the best places to sell your electronics .

Best Buy will trade several Fitbit models for electronic gift cards, although prices will vary based on the tracker's condition and age.

I've done some research on prices for older Fitbit models and it might not be worth it if you have a particularly old model, like the original Charge or Charge 2 ($ 150 at Best Buy) – they are generally anywhere from $ 2- $ 10 on the larger buyback sites.

The best price will likely come from selling your old Fitbit through eBay (or a socially distant) Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace sale.

If you are looking for a new smartwatch when the old one is gone, check out our list of the best fitness tools home fitness equipment and ways to protect yourself while training when quarantine locks become easier.

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