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DoNotPay’s robot attorney can draft your legal contracts – Review Geek

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Don’t pay

Occasionally you may need a legal contract to cover your basics ̵

1; for example, if you decide to rent out space in your home, or if you want to try out contract work. But it can be expensive to pay a lawyer to write contracts. DoNotPay has just expanded its capabilities to help. Now it can write all kinds of legal documents for the usual price of $ 3 a month.

The DoNotPay robot attorney is already quite handy with his ability to fight traffic tickets, get refunds, and even create cell phone numbers for burners. But the last try will save you money instead of getting your money back.

The new legal document service can create business contracts such as nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, sales invoices and general business contracts. It can always process real estate documents such as residential lease, intention to buy real estate documents and Estoppel certificates. It can even yield a blanket statement, promissory note or prenuptial agreement.

DoNotPay plans to regularly add new legal document options. And you get access to all the features of DoNotPay for the standard price of $ 3 per month.

And you will likely rarely need a fax machine, which makes the process tedious when you need it. DoNoPay can help by sending a file or uploaded photo as a fax for you, or by creating a number to receive faxes. The fax number can be permanent if needed, or you can get a fast number that takes 30 minutes.

You can sign up today on the website for all services of DoNotPay.

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